WhatsApp integrates biometric security in web and desktop clients

Ro, 28 January 2021

WhatsApp has announced a neat new security feature that adds another layer of security to your account by requiring biometric authorization when signing into a web or desktop client. The new functionality has been rolled out to both Android and iOS users.

Before you authorize the web/desktop client session from your primary device, the app on the phone will prompt you with a biometric authentication request, face unlock included. Only after you've identified yourself, the QR code scanner appears on the screen.

It's important to note that WhatsApp doesn't have direct access to the biometric information, the app is only allowed to use it for identification.



Reader comments

  • Darius

If you mean u.is then I've heard of it many times, on different security forums and in crypto articles. So it's a messenger also? As many discuss it as a mining tool.. That's why I didn't even checked it.

  • Koala

I believe that adding a face id means only one thing - it will collect even more info that it did before. I hate all these so-called "security means" which do exactly another thing. I don't want to share my phone to have a 2FA and I do...

Is that possible? Isn't all provider pushing out 2G/3G for 4G VOLTE nowadays? is VOLTE safe? I think the good old days of BBM is better than number based accounts! with only friends and family adding me. No more BBM, but Threema look promising!

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