WhatsApp is now letting you preview voice messages before sending them

WhatsApp's voice messages are really popular, as unlike on Facebook Messenger you aren't time-limited and you can also see when they've been listened too. You can even change the speed at which to hear them.

And from now on, you get another neat feature - the ability to listen to a voice message before you send it. In order to do this you need to press and hold the mic icon as usual in order to record a voice message, then slide up to go into hands-free recording mode. When you're done, tap the stop button in the center and press play to preview your message. If you're satisfied with it, hit the send button and off it goes.

It's all pretty easy to get the hang of, really. And, surprise surprise, Meta's other two messaging apps - Facebook Messenger and Instagram - don't allow you to do something like this (at least, not yet), but they both let you lock the microphone so you don't have to keep pressing the icon while recording.

As usual with such new features, it may take a while for this to roll out to every Android and iOS device out there using WhatsApp, but it is definitely on the way now.


Reader comments

This feature has been available on the desktop computer version of Facebook inbox/messenger. I never thought anything of it until I read it right here just now that WhatsApp will be releasing it soon. Computers first all the other devices this time.

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