WhatsApp will support 1,024 participants per group

Vlad, 10 October 2022

In case you love WhatsApp groups but feel that the main problem with them is that they just can't get large enough - good news! The service is currently working on adding support for up to 1,024 participants for each group. If that doesn't sound hellish to you, then you'll be happy to know that you should expect this feature to roll out to everyone soon.

Currently, it's in beta testing, with some beta testers seeing it, while most aren't. Previously, WhatsApp added support for 512-member groups back in June, and now this has been upped even further to twice that.

WhatsApp will support 1,024 participants per group

If you have the latest beta for either Android or iOS you should eventually get this feature. If you're not part of WhatsApp's beta testing, then rest assured that this will eventually make it to all users - though, with it being WhatsApp, it could take months. We are at least on the right track, however.



Reader comments

1024 members is still low. WhatsApp has great potential. I know Facebook doesn't want a feature that directly competes with Facebook Groups, but they can introduce WhatsApp Communities or WhatsApp Super Groups that can accommodate over 500,000 m...

  • Goodfellow
  • 12 Oct 2022
  • XSa

Time to change the name whatsapp to whatsdown.

  • Sam
  • 12 Oct 2022
  • r39

You can't compare Telegram to WhatsApp in anyway. It has more features and more still coming. I'm just waiting for their WhatsApp Communities. Increasing groups of members in a group to 1024, what about the WhatsApp community?

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