White Moto 360 Sport can now be yours for only $103.99

Vlad, 08 December 2016

The Moto 360 Sport's initial recommended retail price was $300 when it launched back in January. The fitness-themed smartwatch has seen its fair share of price cuts in the meantime, most recently last month when it was to be had for just $119.99.

Now, however, Amazon has a deal that will top even that. If you don't mind grabbing the white version of the wearable, you only have to pay $103.99 for it. That's almost a third of the initial price, and almost half of what it has been going for in the past few months (around $200).

Unfortunately you're out of luck if you prefer the Moto 360 Sport in black or orange. The latter costs $129, while the former goes for $174. Anyway, if you want the white model for the aforementioned low price, it's probably best to act fast, since it's impossible to tell how long this deal will last.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Another American offer as per usual...

  • A Note 4 user

Ok, thats what the startitng price should have been for this disposable watch. it's fragil plastic band is not replaceable.

  • AnonD-368020

Nop, nothing can take place of my G shock

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