White Nokia 6.1 available for pre-order in the US from B&H Photo

Ricky, 10 May 2018

The Nokia 6.1 is already available in the United States from retailers: Best Buy, Amazon.com, and B&H Photo. The thing is, this device has only been available in the Copper Black model. Sure there are other ways to get a white version, such as importing one from abroad, but this one won’t have Nokia’s US warranty.

White Iron Nokia 6.1

B&H Photo has a new listing on its website for a White Iron model of the phone, complete with US Warranty. This device isn’t quite available just yet: the listing is missing an image, but you can totally pre-order one now through the website. B&H Photo is also throwing in a free “B&H Photo Video Basic Photo/Video Kit for Smartphones” to go along with the new phone.

This basic kit offers a MaxiGrip flexible tripod, a Xuma mobile LED light, and a Xuma smartphone mount to get you started with taking some nice shots or video with the Nokia 6.1. There’s no expected ship date, but the listing simply says “New Item – Coming Soon”.

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Reader comments

The white color looks good, resembling like those white Hondas with type-r badges, very slick. wished they did the same color with the nokia 7 plus.

Well, that depends on what the buyer would consider first. For the price, yes. Sony , Samsung, and most of the other brands are quite high on the price, and while Nokia isn't as high as them. But it also not budget friendly as huawei or xiaomi. ...

  • Anonymous

Fakn d bomb can't use anything else except Nokia

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