WiMAX-enabled HTC MAX 4G comes exclusive to Yota Russia

13 Nov, 2008

HTC announced HTC MAX 4G - a WiMAX-enabled high-end device that's exclusive for Yota WiMAX network in Russia. The handset is an HTC Touch HD replica with its 3G stripped and added WiMAX support. But there are several more new goodies on board.

We already reported the HTC MAX 4G, codenamed HTC T8290, when it was first sighted, but we knew few details back then.


HTC MAX 4G is based on the HTC Touch HD. You can see both of them compared here.

The main disadvantage of the new HTC MAX 4G is the lack of 3G support, which however won't be an issue for its Russian owners, as there is still no active 3G network in Russia.

Instead, they get the Mobile WiMAX. WiMax is like Wi-Fi, only its coverage is much wider and can span across whole cities. However don't just confuse it with the upcoming 4G wireless data standard. We are yet to see the latter in action, but WiMax is a good alternative that's already available to notebook users in various countries.

Stepping away from the WiMAX fuss, the tri-band GPRS/EDGE HTC MAX 4G differs from the HTC Touch HD by several key features. MAX 4G has 8GB of user available memory, proximity sensor for auto screen turn-off during calls - much like on the iPhone. The weight and dimensions remain nearly the same, but the new baby is almost 2mm thicker than Touch HD.

Luckily, it's now confirmed that the 5 megapixel camera of the Touch HD is also present on the HTC MAX 4G specs list.

You will also get some extra services, granted by the Yota Center, Yota Phone, Yota TV and Music, Yap-Yap, Video, etc.

Here's a live video of the device, made by mobile.mail.ru.

HTC MAX 4G will be released exclusively for the Yota network in Russia, which is a brand under the Scartel company in the end of November. It will have a rather hefty pricetag of about 840 euros (1050 US dollars), which gets you into a two year contract but promises lots of free music and video content.


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  • Professor

And listen, guys, this WiMAX network is not as speedy as it seems. It gives about 4-5 Mbps downlink and 1-1,2 Mbps uplink, average ping is about 200 ms. So the 3G/HSPA and EV-DO Rev.A networks (we have all kinds of this here in St.Petersburg) aren't ...

  • Professor

The average monthly income in Moscow and St.Petersburg is about $1500 per person, so a lot of people can afford to buy it. What about 3G - in St.Peterburg there are three 3G networks, in other regions at least one. Only Moscow lacks 3G because ...

  • Helium

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