Windows 10 Mobile update for older Lumias not coming this year after all

Vlad, 17 December, 2015

If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 device, here's some bad news for you. Microsoft has just announced that the updates to Windows 10 Mobile for older devices will only start rolling out "early next year".

Previously, the company had said that Lumias with Windows Phone 8.1 on board would start receiving the Windows 10 update in December. Yet now that we're more than halfway through the month already, the time frame change is being made official. So no Windows 10 Mobile holiday gift for you then.

Absolutely no reason was given for this switch, and it's pretty concerning that the new timeline is actually more vague than the old one (which referenced one month, whereas "early next year" could mean almost anything - a rollout in April, for example, may still be reasonably thought as on time by this measure).

And in case you're wondering, Microsoft still hasn't presented a definitive list of all Lumias that will get the Windows 10 update. We just know which devices are going to be the first ones to run the new software, but that list dates back to July - hopefully nothing's changed.



Reader comments

  • Roni

How much time is needed to Update to Windows10 of Nokia Lumia 630?

  • AnonD-477406

I find that quality is just as good as Nokia. It is essentially Nokia after all, and every Microsoft phone released so far has been a Nokia design with the Microsoft branding.

  • John

Shame ! I waiting and waiting...I like Windows, but maybe it is time for Android...

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