Windows 11 will finally introduce advanced multi-monitor settings

Ro, 21 June 2021

Windows 10 has been around for a while but little has been done to improve the multi-monitor experience for users. And using more than one monitor in 2021 isn't a rare thing too. A growing number of users have asked Microsoft to do something about it in the Feedback Hub and we can finally see the company making some efforts.

Windows 11 will finally introduce advanced multi-monitor settings

In the leaked Windows 11 build, there's an option that allows the OS to remember each window location based on the monitor connection. This means that if you leave a bunch of windows opened on both monitors, once you re-connect a display or when you wake up the PC. This should potentially fix the issue of moving random windows or tabs or cramming up all the opened apps on one of the monitors.

Additionally, once you disconnect one of your monitors, instead of moving the program to the still plugged monitor, the OS will minimize the app to the tray.



Reader comments

Try reading the context (by MrAndreas) before commenting... :roll:

It currently works really poor, if you got say a laptop, and use a docking with and additional monitor. Everytime you dock or undock, It smashes everything... There are (open source) apps restoring stuff to suitable positions though. Apps for both...

READ what my comment was a reply too, rather than making a silly guess.... :roll:

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