Windows Mobile 6.5 leaks and skeptics' predictions come true

22 Jan, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 has leaked and it's already been installed on an HTC device. However the users expectations for some major changes are now cooled off by this beta version.

Quite expectedly, any new Windows OS leaks weeks or months prior to its official presentation. Well Windows Mobile 6.5 doesn't make any difference.

You can see the upcoming upgrade installed on the HTC Blue Angel. Yes, that's right - that old and huge PocketPC from 2004. You've probably heard of it as O2 XDA IIs, T-Mobile MDA III, i-Mate PDA2K or Qtek 9090.

There's not much known about the improvements, but at least the visuals of the OS are concerned, there don't seem to be that many of them.

Here's one video displaying the new OS though quite low quality.

The latest Internet Explorer Mobile 6 comes along with the update, there's a new way for screen lock and native finger scrolling (which by the way looks awesome - just as on the iPhone). And that's it people. No other user interface changes, no multi-touch support, not even transition effects.

Here's a second video of the OS that you can check out.

We really hope that the final version of the WM 6.5 will have more goodies on board as otherwise the expected "major" announcement of MWC 2009 will be a disappointment.



Reader comments

  • Fireeempode - now in my rss reader)))

  • Zeeshan

It looks exactly like O2 XDA ii.

  • Shou Ji

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