Windows Mobile 6.5 leaks and skeptics' predictions come true

22 Jan, 2009
Windows Mobile 6.5 has leaked and it's already been installed on an HTC device. However the users expectations for some major changes are now cooled off by this beta version. Quite expectedly...

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  • Fireeempode - now in my rss reader)))

  • Zeeshan

It looks exactly like O2 XDA ii.

  • Shou Ji

Samsung Louve
- Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
- QWERTY keyboard
- TouchWIZ UI
- 3.2 megapixel camera with flash
- WiFi

Samsung Pivot
- Windows Mobile 6.5
- QWERTY keyboard
- 5 megapixel camera with flash
- TouchWIZ UI
- WiFi

Announced : MWC 2009

  • Anonymous

The visual side is not interesting. HTC and Samsung take care of that pretty well.

What really matters is whether there is a tidy graphical API ( = GAMES), better memory management ( = less memory leaks - load with 30% utilization, stay on 30% after 2 weeks!!) and overall performance improvement.

  • WinMO_User

Akhtar Patel, 23 Jan 2009this is sux. m$ can do better, but they want your moneyz. apple ... moreHmmm... never had any prob with WM devices.
But if you say so. Be Happy with that lol

  • manz

peoples. just stfu lol, lets see what happens on release day, THEN begin ur flaming

  • Anonymous

HTC's touch flo looks great for the visuals, that jobs done Microsoft needs to totally revamp the core of WinMo while keeping its platform base compatible with older editions, theres too much of a fan community and not forgetin tons of 3rd party apps for WinMO 5-6

  • Akhtar Patel

this is sux. m$ can do better, but they want your moneyz. apple am the best f0ne. m$ makes bad phonez, they cra$h on winblowz, haha, blue screen on callz. my iphone never am crashing.

  • xplode

well this is not WM 6.1 it is early beta of WM 6.5 it is faster as an OS than WM 6.1 also the new CHome today plugin in this build is unfinished one, touch scrolling had been improved a lot, the new version of PIE has huge improvement over the WM 6.1 one, but this rom shows just a piece of the whole finished thing, wait some more and you will see the final build

  • Anonymous

Oh and mind you guys, don't flame this post as if this is the final version of WinMo 6.5. Note that I said "IF" in my previous comment.

And no matter how finger-optimized a phone is made to be, i still think having a stylus around is a plus-point.

  • Anonymous

IF this is what WinMo 6.5 looks like, I know I won't be upgrading for sure. Touchflo is not something new. IE 6 is still light years behind Opera.

  • Anonymous

it will have improvements and thats for sure because winmo is made by Microsoft

  • Anonymous

very disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zacki

Can I update my HD-Touch with this version?

  • Kyuubi

Stylus is still gonna be the best around
resistive is the stuff
look at all the WinMo touchscreens,and the 3 Symbians plus look at the Nintendo DS... Can't beat that can you

  • Anonymous

Sasimi, 22 Jan 2009Please. Don't try to explain things that you don't know (enough)... moreHmm, yeah, I just read the same article, I'm sorry then.
I always just thought (and read on other forums) that WinMo doesn't support them.
But I'm still amazed by the fact that not a single manufacterer has used them in WinMo devices.
(Sure, they're slightly more expensive, but it also allows loads brighter screens and smoother gesture control)

And arvin, there are styli available for capacitive screens, there are quite a few available for the iPhone:
But they're not as precise as resistive ones though, but this is because of the nature of capacitive technology and cannot be fixed.
But handwriting should still be possible.
Another downside about these styli is the size though.
As these styli require special material it makes them significantly bigger, which is quite a big downside.

  • arvin

example why in asia is popular using stylus. i use stlus to sign the forms in microsoft words, when i sign to a medical representative i still use stylus, that depends if the medrep has a Pocket PC.
when i have to explain to my patients about dental aspect about there tooth, i draw using stylus.

so i dont think stylus is a old-stuff issue.

  • arvin

Sasimi, 22 Jan 2009Please. Don't try to explain things that you don't know (enough)... morenope, sorry, your info. about capacitive and resistive is entirely wrong. read it in wiki about the difference of the two. capacitive needs the electricurrent of human body to function. unlike recistive, you can use finger or to be precise in business aspect like words, you may need stylus.

  • Sasimi

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2009This isn't related to hardware. (Well yeah, partially) The reas... morePlease. Don't try to explain things that you don't know (enough) about. Windows Mobile does support Capacitive Touch screens, pocketnow recently had an article about it. The reason behind these resistive touchscreens, is only for asia basicly. They need the handwriting.

To me that's a thing of the past though, seeing how some manufacturers have come up with styli which work on capacitive touchscreens.

  • Flames

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2009In case the folks at GSMArena and our Oh-so-wonderful commenters... moreWhy are you attacking the guys at gsmarena?, the article clearly says it's a beta version not the final version. Or maybe you don't know what beta means?. In future, please engage your limited brain functionality before criticising. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!