IDC: Windows Phone climbs to second place in Latin America

22 August, 2013

It seems that Windows Phone has found a home in Latin America, going from fourth place in Q1 this year to second place with a 12% growth according to numbers by IDC. In Mexico, Microsoft's mobile OS is second for a second quarter in a row and it has climbed up to second in Peru and Colombia (where it holds an impressive 25.6% of the market).

In other markets – Chile, Brazil and Argentina – Windows Phone is up to third place. Stats from AdDuplex from yesterday show that the old Nokia Lumia 710 accounts for over half of the WP market in Argentina, with the Lumia 620 coming in second with about a quarter and the Lumia 900 with nearly a fifth.

Liliana González, director of the Windows Phone Division for Latin America, says that Microsoft has accomplished its goal of becoming the second smartphone OS in Latin America ahead of schedule (initially the company had set the goal for the end of the year).

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  • AnonD-178709

Well, I live in Chile and here the N°1 in market share is Android (like in every other country I guess). Then comes the iOS in the second place and WP third. After some Android phones, I'm actually using a Lumia 920, and believe me: it fits ...

  • Anonymous

lol my dual core Galaxy S2 is laggy compares to my Lumia 900 with single core. SGS2 has random stutters out of no where, it's like the OS trying to do a defrag while you're using the device. I was happy that I switched from dual core Galaxy S2 to sin...

  • Anonymous

Android is laggy, buggy, and have OS crash sometimes. The reasons why Android has lower user experience than Windows Phone and iOS.