WSJ: Amazon has a $50 tablet in the works

Stefan, 07 September, 2015

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is about to release a tablet with $50 price tag in time for the holiday shopping season. Currently, the retail giant’s most affordable slate, Amazon Fire HD 6, costs $99.

Like the Fire HD 6, the upcoming ultra-affordable tablet is also going to pack a 6” display. Amazon is also tipped to launch new slates with 8” and 10” screens.

In order to reach the low price point, Amazon has reportedly outsourced some of the tablet’s development work to companies in China and Taiwan. Unsurprisingly, the device will feature decidedly low end hardware, including a mono speaker.

Amazon’s push further into the market for budget devices is a logical step for the company, as it struggled to establish itself as a premier manufacturer of high-end hardware. Roughly a year ago, the company took a massive write-down due to the market failure of its Fire Phone.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Fire Phone have the worst user experience with the top user complain in smartphone history. It is so useless that no one buys it. Amazon have to make offer or use it as free gift when purchasing something from amazon.

  • david

If amazon store can be ported into windows store it would be awesome for my windows eco system

  • AnonD-316593

I agree with that! I am a happy owner of a firephone, or the guy with the five front facing camera's on his phone! ;)