XCute DV50

XCute DV50

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  • J
  • Jörg Norway
  • nhd
  • 07 Jan 2007

I guess most of you guys are from Asia - no offense but we, Europeans, look for different things in a phone! How can this phone be interesting without ANY communication possibilities, not even BT? 8 MP means absolutely NOTHING - the lens is simply too bad!

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • nTZ
    • 03 Jan 2007

    well I guess its very interesting phone, because it have 8mgp camera! But how good it work?
    It not have Pocket PC functions. It only have the good camera. If i have superfluous money I will buy it.

      • P
      • Paul Netherlands
      • CSK
      • 26 Dec 2006

      900 to 1200 euro? don't think so. The DV2 cost about 300 in europe. I think this one would be less then the double of that (read: 600 euro).

        • T
        • THWS
        • nux
        • 26 Dec 2006

        Project "DV50" is how the "DV80" - the phones never will release, 'cause Xcute has stopped the development of these phones - the customers hasn't got much interesting at those phones in asia.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • mtj
          • 17 Dec 2006

          this phone is going to be about 900-1200 euro in europe and about 1500 dolars

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • nyg
            • 13 Dec 2006

            for the so confused peopple…you can buy a memory car reader it's cheap…it can read all types of memory cards…the card reader will be placed near the floppy…u just need to get the card out of the phone and then place it in the card reader...good luck

              • M
              • Maria
              • mH2
              • 30 Nov 2006

              It look realy good. All in one.

              How much does it cost?

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 4$M
                • 16 Nov 2006

                miniSD is more than enough to weep out Bluetooth and USB

                  • r
                  • r.d.seelan
                  • i4Y
                  • 11 Nov 2006

                  very good designing.but blutooth is must.i want know the price of ev80. mail me. thank u.

                    • t
                    • tree
                    • 4xg
                    • 10 Nov 2006

                    i got a feeling that this phone will be quite amazing,
                    coz taiwan makes good stuff

                    since my first 4096color phone was from taiwan. tcc q285.

                    anyways. but for the style, i doubt it can do good in hk/north america's market !

                      • d
                      • disappointed
                      • PUb
                      • 28 Oct 2006

                      how cum this phn dosn hav bluetooth, or IR, or USB???

                        • A
                        • Ahmet
                        • npH
                        • 18 Oct 2006

                        This phone hasn't 16 colors. It has 16M (16 Million) Colours. Read carefuly..

                          • d
                          • danutz
                          • ny2
                          • 11 Oct 2006

                          how can this phone have 16 colors and a 5MP (8MP interpolated) camera??

                            • a
                            • arturas
                            • iBb
                            • 06 Oct 2006

                            good mobile telephone, i want buy in net like this :) how much its cost?

                              • M
                              • Myles
                              • nKm
                              • 19 Sep 2006

                              the phone will probably not be available in europe except germany after a while, but u can get it imported, but u'll have to make sure they have made a european version, liek i ahd 2 wait 4 the european version of the Xcute DV2, no it isn't a chinese or japanese phone, it is Taiwan company

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • Q%y
                                • 18 Sep 2006

                                and so youre saying 10million still isnt impressive?
                                are you saying the nokia and the panasonic's screens arnt amazing? So what if its older technology. its still nice.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • TC{
                                  • 15 Sep 2006

                                  bro, maybe u r not update. 16million color screen is not so amazing, since Nokia and Panasonic they all with some models packed with 16million color screen for sometime alrdy

                                    • n
                                    • nick
                                    • mHd
                                    • 27 Aug 2006

                                    how can u say the screen isnt good enough! 16MIL!!!

                                    most phones have a 65k screen, thats 65000, or my moto like most new fones has a 262k screen, 262000, this phone has 1600000!! thats amazing!!

                                      • a
                                      • ahsan
                                      • PGh
                                      • 06 Aug 2006

                                      ppl are complaing about no conectivity, how can they transfere their pictures videos music.it is simple by transfereing to memory card and than by memory card reader you can transfere to your computer. memory card reader is more cheapthan blue tooth dongle

                                        • T
                                        • THWS
                                        • iKs
                                        • 08 Jul 2006

                                        via USB-Cable or memory-card