XCute DV50

XCute DV50

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  • Dragos
  • mtk
  • 06 Jul 2006

i see that here are people waiting for the phone release .... And yeah ..the phone is cool ...nice photos , videos too ..etc etc
But how they will copy the videos from the fone to PC ? or viceversa ? :D

    • F
    • Felipe
    • Phy
    • 05 Jul 2006

    No bluetooth or any tipe of connection??
    Is very nice mobile, a realy great resoluction of the camera, but whitout any conection how to pass to computer??

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      • THWS
      • iKs
      • 20 Jun 2006

      DV50 will come in the end of august.

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        • Anonymous
        • nmp
        • 08 Jun 2006

        to john!
        i can help you to get an xcute..but not this one! you'll find the other xcute dv2 ,a clamshell one!
        see here:http://www.wapzon.com/web/prod...asp?Pid=66­69
        good luck!

          • T
          • THWS
          • iKs
          • 08 Jun 2006

          This phone isn't available yet. It will come in the next months.

            • j
            • john
            • M3s
            • 06 Jun 2006

            does anyone have a web address where i can get hold of one of these babys?!!!
            i live in the uk and have been trolling the web for days now trying to buy one but i cant seem to find the phone or a price!!!!!
            any help would be greatley appreciated

              • J
              • Jax
              • m%u
              • 28 May 2006

              They need things like this:

              If its possible:
              better Display
              Built in hands free
              Push to talk
              3G - video call
              Bluetooth v2.0
              USB v2.0
              big battery

              And the screen in the middle, they dont have to write Xcute on the left side of the screen,
              its big enough on the back.

                • T
                • Tayfun
                • npM
                • 24 May 2006

                Interpolation is an action like streching. Imagine that you took a photo with 5 Megapixels, then you opened it with Photoshop and resized to 8 Megapixels. In conclusion: Poor Quality.

                  • P
                  • PcMan
                  • nuC
                  • 18 May 2006

                  @theo Is there any oportunity to buy or order the phone from some big i-net shop,where the phone will be send to you with DHL(for example) to you in your country. I realy want it. Thanks in advance.

                    • t
                    • theo
                    • w4x
                    • 16 May 2006

                    yes,it will be on sale coming week in thailand for 300 usd.i am working in thailand,and a friend have a mobile-shop in mbk,bangkok.i-mobile is a thai brand,and only selling in thailand.if you see an i-mobile branded phone,it is sure a grey import.there are no i-mobile phones in thailand costing more then 300 usd!this phone is made from xcute,under specs and ideas given from i-mobile to them.the xenon flash and the ccd mobule,are exclusively i-mobile.some friend told me,that xcute is concentrating on developing mobiles,but selling it to other companys,wich are allready etablished in theyr countrys.so it can be,that xcute never will sell this phone under the name of xcute,but some other brands will bye and sell them.this is chaeper for xcute,then to open an office in every country they like to sell.

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • M3s
                      • 12 May 2006

                      what does interpolated mean???
                      5mp camera is self-explanatory, but why does "interpolating" it make it 8mp??

                        • t
                        • theo
                        • Py}
                        • 10 May 2006

                        yes,xenon flash,100%.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • 4IY
                          • 10 May 2006

                          where did you get the info about i-mobile 902 about it being out in 2 weeks or costing $300 USD? i-mobile already sells a phone for $412 USD and I doubt the 902 would sell for less than $500 plus shipping, etc. since it's different in many ways including totally different design, is 902 really a rebranded version of xcute dv50? If so wouldn't it come out after xcute dv50, just like the ak900 and ak dv2 came out after xcute dv1 and xcute dv2? you seem to know more about i-mobile 902 than the info available on the website, any reviews or articles or other info out there?

                            • t
                            • theo
                            • Py}
                            • 09 May 2006

                            Yes,i am 100% sure.Xenon.See yourself on the webpage on i-mobile.co.th.

                              • v
                              • vann
                              • PFM
                              • 06 May 2006

                              Xenon flash?? u sure ornot??
                              Anyway, im using Xcute DV2, the pic is really damn stunningly gd, video capturing also excellent, DVD quality... But too bad the flash is not as bright as k750

                                • t
                                • theo
                                • Py}
                                • 28 Apr 2006

                                this phone will be on sell in 2 weeks in thailand.they will sell it under the name of i-mobile 902.the dessign is diffrent and nicer.gray,and the screen is in the center.5 mp ccd sensor,xenon flash!,bluetooth,128mb memory,trans flash card.640-480 video,with 30 fps.all this for 300 usd!!!details u can see on www.i-mobile.co.th.it is in thai,but click i-catalog,then click on i-mobile 902.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • iG6
                                  • 20 Apr 2006

                                  just a regular camera with added phone functionality

                                    • m
                                    • mohammadamin zarbakh
                                    • TuL
                                    • 16 Apr 2006

                                    ok the best

                                      • p
                                      • peter
                                      • 45C
                                      • 12 Apr 2006

                                      this phone is nice
                                      and this phone have a usb and mini sd card slot..if u don't belive me then check the last picture and look clously on the butom of the phone there is mini sd head set charging and usb other then that.. people need bluetooth and infrared
                                      i'll stay with my linux an windows pocket pc's mobile phones

                                        • g
                                        • gurk
                                        • mXK
                                        • 10 Apr 2006

                                        good features- shame about the design