Xda Zest with GPS and Wi-Fi made exclusively for O2

10 Nov, 2008

O2 today exclusively unveiled the XDA Zest, adding another Xda phone to its expanding range of O2 branded handsets. The new PDA is the first O2 XDA to be made available on Pay&Go, but it will be available on Pay Monthly plans as well.

Manufactured by Asus, the O2 XDA Zest naturally runs on Windows Mobile OS v6.1 and has a large 2.8” VGA TFT display. As you already knew from the header it boasts Wi-Fi and GPS (wih SiRF Star III chipset) plus a trial version of CoPilot Sat Nav app with full UK and Ireland maps.

The O2 XDA Zest has a fast Marvell TavorP 624MHz processor, 128 MB SDRAM and 256 MB Flash ROM.

The tri-band GPRS/EDGE phone has also 3G support and HSDPA connectivity. The 3 MP autofocus camera, secondary video call camera, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP profile, microSD card slot and MP3 player completes the specs list.

O2 Xda Zest will be on sale in O2 stores and online at o2.co.uk from 17th November 2008. It will be available on O2 Pay&Go priced at £249.99 and for free on certain O2 Pay Monthly contracts.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

After looking at the specs given and comparing with the Asus models, this seems to be somewhere in between the P552w and the P565. Some on another forum believe the Zest is actually the P565 however I doubt it'd be this cheap if that were the case. I...

  • Anonymous

it this the preagnent version of "pebble?" and can someone plz take away the comments of the same suman and saswati character.. it's bad enough the person is answering his or her own comments, but to many times.

  • Anonymous

It's a good Business phone, but in the age of Omnia, HTC Touch, Diamond, etc. this phone may not stand a chance ... Does it stand a chance still, maybe due to pricing?

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