Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

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  • 12 hours ago

Boobas, 18 Jan 2023This phone support APTX codec in developer options?Yes, but it will not work if your bluetooth tws / speaker / device doesn't support it : you will see only AAC or SBC

    Heseth, 29 Jan 2023Today the phone got updated to Android 13 Miui 14. I haven&... moreYes...i got it aswell today 30th january. About time. Im based in the Netherlands. 👍👍

      Today the phone got updated to Android 13 Miui 14. I haven't encountered any issues on this update. The performance seems to be more or less the same. MIUI 14 at first glance, only introduced a volume slider in the drop down menu and improved the floating apps, you can now have 2 apps running in a small window with a 3rd one running on the main screen.

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        • rick
        • 3EM
        • 28 Jan 2023

        Just got miui 14 for the global rom!!!

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          • Gandalfdenvite
          • 38F
          • 27 Jan 2023

          Gandalfdenvite, 25 Jan 2023I now use the app "Black Screen: video screen off"... moreIt is easier to use the power button, or longpress on home to turn off screen during phonecalls. :)

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            • Htet
            • PSc
            • 26 Jan 2023

            Nearly 1 year of usage and it was gone due to CPU error. Too bad

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              • Gandalfdenvite
              • 8uA
              • 25 Jan 2023

              I now use the app "Black Screen: video screen off", by jApp, to manually turn off the screen during phonecalls because the virtual proximity sensor is extremely bad!

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                • ferwxc
                • 8@@
                • 21 Jan 2023

                Recently l bought this phone, after few hours the screens goes black and turn on again like in 0.5 sec. I have try to all the advices to fix this issue(60 hz or 90 hz) and still there, i guess it´s an HW issue, since software seems ok. Well guess it´s my last Xiaomi phone. Going back to Iphone.

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                  • Boobas
                  • iGm
                  • 18 Jan 2023

                  This phone support APTX codec in developer options?

                    Bong, 07 Dec 2022Software issue not hardware. We will have to wait for updates.*EDIT - for some reason gsmarena auto replied to the wrong comment here and it can't be changed or deleted as far as I can see on my phone*

                    It's a great phone after you remove all the bloatware with adb tools (even chrome and YouTube can go) then use Firefox and Opera instead.

                    They both can have add-ons. Firefox is good to access YouTube. Opera is good for simple browsing. And the reflow text feature is 🔥.

                    The phone is super light, has a flat screen and the charging with the supplied brick and cable is really quick!

                    I did notice that the automatic screen orientation is way too sensitive and you have to lock it most times to avoid going mad 😅. It is a lot more sensitive than any of my previous phones (p9, p30 new edition, Nokia 7 plus)...

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                      • Anonymous
                      • aqr
                      • 12 Jan 2023

                      Anonymous, 20 Sep 2022I bought 11 Lite 5G NE in Iran recently, its a great device... moreGood for you, I bought it there too . But mine has black crush issue. It's NE version . I am so sad about it

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                        • Datsun
                        • 39x
                        • 11 Jan 2023

                        After 1y of use excellent phone. Battery life is meh but the performance is stellar. 778G is a true hidden gem. Also mine scores 2974 or Geekbench, on the website it says 2832. I think it's because mine has been debloated.

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                          • IW1
                          • 10 Jan 2023

                          ZenMilind, 10 Dec 2022Does Xiaomi 11 Lite Ne has VoNR feature? It took so long for VoLTE to be mainstream, it would take at least 2 or 3 more years for VoNR to be mainstream.

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                            • yeeyee69
                            • pWZ
                            • 03 Jan 2023

                            good fone and battery good and good for watchin porn and playing free fire

                              Great phone camera is superb excellent fast charging the only downside for this phone is the battery i give 8 for this phone out of 10

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                                • Datsun
                                • 39y
                                • 02 Jan 2023

                                Great phone. Only issue is battery life. It's just meh.

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                                  • Gandalfdenvite
                                  • 38F
                                  • 02 Jan 2023

                                  Anonymous, 30 Dec 2022It sucks. virtual proximity sensor is awful,,,,I use the app "Call Proximity Sensor Fix" and "Use also the Light Sensor" within that app, and I no longer have any problems with accidentally touching the screen during phone calls.

                                    Anonymous, 30 Dec 2022It sucks. virtual proximity sensor is awful,,,,Lock screen while talking on call 😀

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • n95
                                      • 30 Dec 2022

                                      It sucks. virtual proximity sensor is awful,,,,

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                                        • Ricky
                                        • THI
                                        • 30 Dec 2022

                                        I am not experiencing any issue that persons are complaining about the real question is which model of the NE you are having? I have the 2109119DG and running miui 13 and no issues at all

                                        If you are complaining about the device which model variant are you referring to? as you have 2109119DG, 2109119DI and 2109119DC