Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

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  • miri
  • M8r
  • 06 Jul 2022

i love this phone perfect anywhere dizanje, perfomance ,camera, audio etc.....

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    • ASL
    • Fvd
    • 06 Jul 2022

    Guys, this is not 4K screen ;)

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      • Anonymous
      • LH6
      • 06 Jul 2022

      mobileman, 04 Jul 2022ok. lets see..good ones -no back lcd scren, its useless,... more"no back display is advantage"-non sence! Is quite unic and cool and usefull option. Only back because its cover with grip materila is better on 12 Ultra-everithyng selse is BETTER on mi 11 Ultra...

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        • Anonymous
        • 63x
        • 06 Jul 2022

        CptPower, 06 Jul 2022Still beter than Sony typical bloatware full of bugs, spam,... moreThat is real desperation. If anything, you'll see more of it from people who download apps from untrusted websites.

        I always thought that Sony fanboys are the cancer, but man... I'm so wrong. It's official - Xiaomi fanboys are the new cancer.

          Dnd, 06 Jul 2022Those who complains about headphone jack, can't afford... moreLol, wrong philosophy. It's like going to a five-star restaurant with the best chef possible, but you ended having to do the cooking. When you spend four-digit money on a smartphone, you want EVERYTHING on it. If I really want to spend my money on wireless headphones or earbuds, I'll buy a $300 Poco, not a $1,000+ Xiaomi.

            CptPower, 05 Jul 2022Waiting when people start swearing bragging and shouting th... moreLol, wireless audio never been the future. If you really claim that, why would the likes of Sony and ASUS put it back on their flagship-tier phone? They could have just continue not putting it. As for microSD card, it still always be relevant in future. For me, always put my high quality music and my high resolution video in my microSD card, so having an external storage inside the phone that can be used on the go is truly helpful and useful.

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              • Dnd
              • tui
              • 06 Jul 2022

              Those who complains about headphone jack, can't afford this phone.

              I know that. Because if you can spend $1100 on this phone, you can spend more for good earbud.

              An earbud that costs more than $200, latency is not a problem.

              Admit it, you guys are broke hahaha

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                • Modcons
                • v}h
                • 06 Jul 2022

                Muzaffer , 05 Jul 2022The lens glass is curved, very prone to scratches.Personally, I hate curved screens and will not buy a phone that has one.

                  Anonymous, 06 Jul 2022Better in every way? Dream on, the MIUI is a complete joke. 😂🤣😂🤣Still beter than Sony typical bloatware full of bugs, spam, malware, adaware, trojan horses, viruses and many else even worse things.

                    DJ Oussama, 05 Jul 2022Man i have bunch games and can't play them cuz phone i... moreToo expensive every much worse Sony, Samsung or Apple flagship cost way more when was released as a brand new.
                    This as a brand new dont even cost of above flagships now many months after their release date.
                    Xiaomi is everything but no moneyhungry company like Samsung, Sony and Apple.

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                      • Anonymous
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                      • 06 Jul 2022

                      Anonymous, 05 Jul 2022Why in 2022 still usb2.0? xiaomi is expecting every creator... moreConsidering the vast amount of IoT Xiaomi is making, I'm not surprised.

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                        • 63x
                        • 06 Jul 2022

                        CptPower, 05 Jul 2022This phone cost half of Xperia pro 1 and yet is much better... moreBetter in every way? Dream on, the MIUI is a complete joke. 😂🤣😂🤣

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                          • 06 Jul 2022

                          YUKI93, 05 Jul 2022All the spec and yet Xiaomi still give USB-C 2.0? No thanks... moreThat is why I don't buy Xiaomi flagships. With the exception of Realme, every brand has moved to USB-C 3 for their flagships. Of course not all USB-C 3 are equal, but that's another story for another day.

                            CptPower, 05 Jul 2022Man i dont know a single person who have 100+ games in a ph... moreMan i have bunch games and can't play them cuz phone is just run 60 fps and am poor guy i can buy this phone is too expensive

                              Sin, 05 Jul 2022This brand shouldn't not even be popular ulgy hole p... moreMan your jokes again???
                              Make your own phone if you want something like that.
                              But from your typing i assume your hands are no good for any kind of manual work.
                              You can only talk and thats it.

                                you have to suffer, 05 Jul 2022you are accepting what companies do. audio jack is better f... moreyou are accepting what companies do. audio jack is better for versability. i cant replace my precious wired earphones with wireless trash. i would have miss too much quality what bluetooth has to offer. also wireless earbuds or tws are just garbage in battery life. stupid marketing lies usually put 40, 50, 70, or even 100 hour battery life as they claim even they last 45 minutes to die. also i cant pay more for a stupid cloud storage for backing up my videos and photos. you have to be online 24/7 if you want to listen to your music through cloud. sd card was the best only option to store my music and other stuff.

                                That joke was good. Wireless and trash buy better brand problem solved. You wired audio with creepy breakable cable is trash as always. Just like the genuine apple cables too thin to handle.
                                Man bluetooth or other wireless options are win win over wired one. All depends on brand TWS are crap buy Senheiser, Bose, Yamaha or at least Sony or JBL a lot better than what you have now. I do understand you love your zero cost wired earbuds bought from wish site you just paid for delivery because they were only one you could afford when you borrow 1 dollar from parents to buy them. But wired is everything but no future it is an option but for how long??? Most companies gave up on jack an dthey did it for good i am happy for that. Since 1867 jack was evolved it was improved several times until it got to point whre no more improvements can be made. We cant say same about wireless solutions.
                                SD card in world of cloud storage is also garbage.
                                Most flagships come with 512GFGB or 1TB is more than enough.
                                But yes for someone who cn barely afford Nokia 105 for 10 eur i do understand need of SD card.

                                  you have to suffer, 05 Jul 2022yes wireless audio is better for you but for me i dont like... moreMan i dont know a single person who have 100+ games in a phone and why should he have them if he wont play all of them.
                                  I have 4 games in my phone one i play daily since 2014 Clash of Lords 2 and rest 3 when i have nothing else to do and thats chess, mahjong and a casino game.
                                  Cables can break wireless audio cant. Latency is not a problem depends on phone and on Audioquality. Something like Senheiser, Yamaha, Bose, Sony or even JBL should be fine.
                                  Even if you record on a high quality 512GB is more than enough and for the rest nowdays even a 72TB external disks can be bought. Just like this https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Professional-G-RAID-72TB-Shuttle/dp/B0972G5BH1/ref=sr_1_1?crid=212COO45X16ME&keywords=external+hard+drive&qid=1657048473&sprefix=external+harddrive%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-1

                                    Alpha, 05 Jul 2022This phone is a "wannabe" Xperia Pro-I..This phone cost half of Xperia pro 1 and yet is much better in many aspects.

                                      Anonymous, 05 Jul 2022Wireless audio is better because uhhhh it's a step to ... moreAnd what emptyheaded comment is yours???
                                      Cables can be broken.
                                      Wireless dont use cables.

                                        BinChicken, 05 Jul 2022i like the sd card as a backup for photos if I break my pho... moreMan soon or later they will force us to pay even for oxygen we breathe.
                                        So no worry for monthly fees.
                                        Rich people needs poor people to be controlled by money.
                                        Money are greatest Sin and worst human invention ever created and made.
                                        For everything bad ever happened in humanity in past present and upcomming future money are the culprits.