Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

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They should redesign the camera bump it's ugly as sheet it ruins the perfectness of the phone

    selfie cam still full hd, no 4k VERY BAD!!!type C can be already 3 ; 3.1

    fast charging 100-120...

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      • BRAVO
      • y2k
      • 15 Jun 2022

      No Xiaomi 12 ultra supposed 120watt or 150 watt

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        • Jason Melling
        • vmJ
        • 15 Jun 2022

        The front spy-hole camera ruins it.

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          • PakHuySun
          • nrN
          • 15 Jun 2022

          year 2022 and most Chinese high end smartphones doesn't support 4k video on a front camera...

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            • Guri
            • 7kF
            • 15 Jun 2022

            Battey charging must be 120w

              Im disappointed with it's smaller battery & even with 67 watt charger as i was expecting at least 120 watt charger ... Hope so Xiaomi will do best in this phone to avoid from Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 heating issues

                only LEICA significant changes welcome to Leica. I hope you can make positive changes for the better

                  Why no NVMe memory, all Android phones is UFS 3.1, when we can see UFS 4 or 5, or switch to NVM like iPhone, it's an expansive phone this xiaomi it's about €1200 and more

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                    • SA466
                    • gnn
                    • 14 Jun 2022

                    This is a joke. Same camera, smaller battery, improvement only in chipset and LTPO display. That's not an ultra phone.

                      Guess the cam features includes Leica possibly
                      Guess that the battery will have 5000 MAh

                        Guess the cam features includes Leica possibly

                          • m
                          • mobileman
                          • pdH
                          • 14 Jun 2022

                          hmm, i think battery should have 5000mah or more...

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                            • mobileman
                            • pdH
                            • 14 Jun 2022

                            looks ok,if speck get true.

                            i hope that battery life goes better,much better than pro model.
                            i hate thouse screen hertx trend, 120hz is too much, 90hz is enough.

                            i use 60hz and its ok,its only eat all battery.

                            finger cross...if video housr be near 20,i think it.

                              This ultra name is being thrown around too easily these days.... What's so ultra bout this phone which is still rocking USB 2.0

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                                • TheFlagshipCollector
                                • 4x{
                                • 14 Jun 2022

                                What an absolute beast!

                                  sohail shafayat, 14 Jun 2022Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, nothing special, nothing u... moreWhat's new is the SP 8 gen 1+ and different design. But that's quite it indeed, no huge upgrade

                                    Well, the back of the phone looks kind of weird, but I think there is a reason why it looks like that. I wonder why the smaller battery? Because they don't want a very heavy phone? A 5000, or 5100 mAh would be more still more better.

                                      Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, nothing special, nothing ultra, nothing special but boring......

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                                        • Ro3B
                                        • rv8
                                        • 14 Jun 2022

                                        USB Type C 2.0 ??