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Mitorafer, 28 Jul 2022as a Mi 11 Ultra user and now upgraded to Xiaomi 12S Ultra ... moreHello!
Could you please tell me if that phone is fully translated to English? And if there are lots of useless (in other countries) Chinese apps? If so is it possible to uninstall or disable them?

    Phone is excellent
    One major problem, while the phone is locked no social media messages or calls (whatsapp /messenger) would come through.
    Only when the phone is unlocked messaged and missed calls are shown.
    Ive removed battery restriction on apps as well as checked auto start for them.

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      • vGd
      • 04 Aug 2022

      Taetaeka, 04 Aug 2022Crappy trash software memeui lmaoBest camera phone after saw ultra

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        • Taetaeka
        • I@a
        • 04 Aug 2022

        Crappy trash software memeui lmao

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          • Nu7
          • 31 Jul 2022

          1" sensor is not the matter,it's just like saying it by size (yet the mi 11ultra is superior all round).

          Believe me,if this 1" was for an apple or Samsung device reviews we say it's over processed,cause there would be no match on planet earth 🤣

          Kudos to Apple and Samsung 👍.

            Anonymous, 27 Jul 2022That's just a load of bollocks. The P30 Pro will know ... moreYes I'm talking about the P30 Pro not the P50 Pro. I own both the 12S Ultra and P30 Pro and compared them side by side extensively. I'm sure the P50 Pro will absolutely murder the 12S Ultra.

            However with all that bashing I've been giving to the 12S Ultra in my previous comments, I just updated the phone to the latest Xiaomi software and surprisingly the photo sharpness is now at least equal or "slightly" better than the P30 Pro and that is really good considering the 12S Ultra FOV is much larger than the P30 Pro. With this recent software update, I don't regret importing this phone anymore. If Xiaomi continues to make improvements to the imaging software, I think I will really start to love this phone.

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              • Daniel
              • g8r
              • 30 Jul 2022

              2pacalypse, 26 Jul 2022I don't know man. My own comparisons between the 12S U... moreRemember that Xiaomi has both faster charging and waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy slower slowmo

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                • Daniel
                • g8r
                • 30 Jul 2022

                dean, 28 Jul 2022yeah right 1" sensor.... i serviced this phone for de... moreYeah, but it's always been known that 1 inch sensors are not really 1 inch. It's called 1 inch because of some old film stuff. Idk i don't remember but you can search it up

                  12S Ultra is a big step back in terms of screen real estate. Not only is it still curved, but the top and side bezels are more thicker than 11 Ultra. If you're gonna thicken the bezels, then at least give us a flat display. Otherwise curved display with thick bezels is pointless af, as the thick bezels cancels out the illusion that the display is "overflowing".

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                    • 7Xi
                    • 29 Jul 2022

                    Anonymous, 29 Jul 2022if just only compare the rear camera without comparing the ... morekind of the opposite actually. None of those phones will beat the largest Sony Sensor

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                      • Kxd
                      • 29 Jul 2022

                      if just only compare the rear camera without comparing the front camera, then xiaomi is still inferior to samsung, especially the iphone!!!

                        as a Mi 11 Ultra user and now upgraded to Xiaomi 12S Ultra user
                        I got this phone this Sunday (July 24th) updated it to latest version as of the writing of this comment, so here is my opinion about the phone compared to mi 11 ultra
                        Xiaomi 12s Ultra is an improvement and refinement to everything the mi 11 ultra failed or was behind in, let me explain:
                        the back leather-like doesn't attract fingerprints, comfort to hold, and doesn't feel hot, easy to grip
                        the soc snapdragon 8 + gen 1 is amazing, the 888 was an overheating mess, and everything on the mi 11 ultra made it hot very fast, this 8+ gen 1, works flawlessly, and it doesn't heat up as much, performance is top notch you really have to try it to feel it
                        the camera is great and huge improvement compared to Mi 11 Ultra, it has very very fast shutter speed and focus, no motion blur at all which is so much fun to just take the phone out and snag a pic, super fast and easy.
                        battery life is vastly improved (don't know why they say there is less battery life here on gsmarena), the battery is smaller, but it is less felt since the phone is way more efficient, both the soc and the screen consume way less power (im also running the phone on wqhd+ and 120hz)
                        and the proximity sensor is finally fixed, I can take phone calls and listen to voice messages without the screen turning on randomly when the phone is at my face
                        the only sad thing is gone the rear display and I miss it a bit, but everything else is better in Xiaomi 12S Ultra compared to mi 11 ultra
                        let me summarize:
                        Xiaomi took a great phone and made it even better in almost every way
                        sure the screen got smaller but it got way more efficient, and is crisp and bright
                        sure the battery got smaller but the soc and screen consume less battery so you don't feel it
                        sure wireless charging got slower but it is still 50w which is very fast, if it's not fast enough use the 67w included with the phone (no charger on many new phones these days and xiaomi is including the top one for the phone)
                        sure the rear display is gone and that is a real bummer
                        yes it is niche and if you want the phone you need to import it, but I can understand this is only for mi fans (for users outside of china)
                        but really Xiaomi fixed many issues,
                        obviously it is not perfect
                        selfie is only at 1080p30fps max (still usable for video calls)
                        no rear display
                        usb 2.0 speeds (I transfer files to pc using wifi so no issue really)
                        50w wireless and 67w wired (120w on pro and 67w on ultra what?! - it's okay, 67w is enough)
                        67w is enough since it can charge most of the phone in 15 minutes and you really don't need more unless you use it heavily, I don't charge this phone overnight since I don't need to the battery here is that good (I was always charging my mi 11 ultra all the time in day and night)
                        HOWEVER, there is one major flaw which is miui, even on latest version there are bugs which are annoying, this is a flagship device and those bugs shouldn't exist,
                        so the only reason I replaced my mi 11 ultra was because it was overheating allot,
                        I plan to keep this Xiaomi 12S Ultra for years to come and then I might consider moving to iphone, I also have iPhone 13 Pro Max and I compared the two, the pictures are better on X12S Ultra, but video is better on iPhone, I like iphone allot, but I personally like xiaomi more, I have also tried s22 ultra but it was meh to me, the pen was cool but my mi 11 ultra felt superior to that phone, so yeah, I tried the mighty competitors, but Xiaomi is still my favorite brand since I personally like to tinker with phones and import them, so it's my personality here, hope you enjoyed reading :)

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                          • dean
                          • gDB
                          • 28 Jul 2022

                          yeah right 1" sensor....
                          i serviced this phone for dead camera and decided to take apart the camera out of curiosity
                          the big sennsor is actually 3/4 or 1/2 inch
                          other than that the phone is vary easy to service thumbs up for that

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                            • Nab
                            • xIX
                            • 28 Jul 2022

                            2pacalypse, 26 Jul 2022I don't know man. My own comparisons between the 12S U... moreHaving tried s20 ultra and own s22 ultra after owning mi 11 ultra and iphone 13 pro max i can honestly that iph pro max comes far last and far behind all of the mentioned above. I had i phone and i have ipad m1 12.9 i am in no way apple hater but again iphone pro max cant compete zero. With any of the above. Attraction of people to this 240gr brick outsmarts me indeed

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                              • ZyGame
                              • QI@
                              • 28 Jul 2022

                              I owned this phone and really love its leica pic style.
                              Sometimes you can modify your pics with many blabla apps, but if you can get a awesome pic directly from the camera, that's another experience.

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                                • Mihai
                                • 0p}
                                • 27 Jul 2022

                                It was great when Xiaomi made the Mi Note 10 and released their best camera with a midrange phone as a lot people want that. Most people that want that don't need the rest of the "flagship" specs. I'm really interested in this phone and while I'd rather it have less stuff I don't need on it and less cost, an even bigger problem is that my 200g phone already feels too heavy, I want something lighter. I not going to spend 1kEURO on phone I'd hate because it's too heavy. I also don't want to spend 1kE on curved screen that I can more easily break. All android(no, I'm not even considering iOS) phones with flagship cameras seem to have these issues, it's just stupid. Why people encourage this by buying them is beyond me.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 7Xi
                                  • 27 Jul 2022

                                  2pacalypse, 26 Jul 2022I don't know man. My own comparisons between the 12S U... moreThat's just a load of bollocks. The P30 Pro will know way beat the 12S Ultra and especially not the iPhone 13. It would have been more believable if you said the P50 Pro.
                                  The only phones that would be fair competition to this in terms of camera are the Vivo X80, Sony Xperia I IV, Sony Xperia Pro-I and Samsung S22 Ultra.

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                                    • amogus
                                    • tDS
                                    • 27 Jul 2022

                                    If you're here only to trashtalk this phone without any sane reason maybe keep your opinions to yourself

                                      Michy, 26 Jul 2022I think you are a bit wrong. Check some 12S Ultra camera... moreI don't know man. My own comparisons between the 12S Ultra and Iphone 13 Pro Max shows the difference is minor. The 12S Ultra maybe have a bit better color and definitely less noise than but overall sharpness is about the same with 12S ultra only a slight edge at best. I'm not even biased towards the Iphone as I abandoned Iphones long ago and was using different Samsungs for years until the P30 Pro came out and that camera was a beast for its time and still beats my crappy 12S ultra in some instances.

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                                        • thehardj
                                        • IJi
                                        • 26 Jul 2022

                                        if you're on a 12s ultra comment page leaving remarks about an iphone, you already lost.