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  • 19 Jul 2022

TM, 18 Jul 2022For 750 USD (launch price 8/128 GB) I think there are bette... moreIt's non-sale price is around $490-530 at base variant. Sale Price is around $450-470

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    • mWj
    • 18 Jul 2022

    For 750 USD (launch price 8/128 GB) I think there are better options BUT! I bought it for around 517 USD in sales like a week ago. So nearly the price of the Xiaomi 12 Lite. Smaller, better SoC, better camera setup...
    Really good phone for the price. Only thing Im afraid is the support. Mi 9T was my phone until now and its still great (photos are comparable in fact) but has many glitches and there is no hope for updates (support ended) to solve it. So will it get promised 4 years as Xiaomi 12 or it will be full of glitches and unusable after 2,5 years?

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      • y6V
      • 16 Jul 2022

      Should i update the phone? Or will i get more bugs/issue?

        Name, 10 Jul 2022Im planning to buy this phone i found it for a really good ... moreoff course it s have android 12 , it s a new phone , even though sd870 , i think they will support it till 14 at least

          Manizz, 30 May 2022I am planning to buy this device or go for oneplus 8t. Whic... moreI have 8T and it's great, but would rather get 12X at this point since 8T is 2 years old now. Nothing wrong with my 8T so far, works like a charm.

            MaHaLoO, 14 Jul 2022This phone or Oneplus 8 Pro? I would get this one. 8 pro is 2 years old now. I got 8T and its great, no signs of slowing down but I would still take Xiaomi in your place.

              This phone or Oneplus 8 Pro?

                Which bluetooth version does Xiaomi 12X support in Libya? And does it support Wi-Fi 6 or not?..Because I see there is market/ region differences at the specs sheet according to Gsmarena.

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                  • PG$
                  • 11 Jul 2022

                  Name, 10 Jul 2022Im planning to buy this phone i found it for a really good ... moreAndroid 11, you can update it to Android 12 out of the box as it is already available.

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                    • Name
                    • sw3
                    • 10 Jul 2022

                    Im planning to buy this phone i found it for a really good price but can anyone tell me does it come with android 12 or 11?

                      Anyone using this on T-Mobile?

                        CamoGeko-XDA, 05 Jun 2022This phone is a banger, and Xiaomi needs more recognition!I totally agree. Great haptics, IR blaster, excellent speakers and battery life. This phone offers alot for the money. I'm glad it gets 5G here in the states.

                          Anonymous, 17 Jun 2022Anyone using this phone with any USA carrier on 5G network ... morePurchased my 12X on Ebay and was worried about connection issues because my imported MI Mix 4 had to be returned. I'm using the 12X on Metro PCS/ Tmo and it gets 5G in the Maryland area. It also worked on a trip to Vegas. If you get it you will have to go in settings a change the APN settings to Metro or TMo to be able to send and receive group and picture text. After that the phone worked flawlessly. I'm glad I took a chance on it.

                            AnonD-1033007, 03 Jul 2022Does anyone have Xiaomi 12X? What's your entire experi... moreI've had Xiaomi 12x since end of April, smooth 120hz and that Huaxing display is definitely giving Samsung a run for its money, gorgeous stuff.

                            Performance is smooth, no lag noticed so far, Camera is great at recording 4K60 though there's a barely noticeable jitter when panning, probably due stabilization motor, videos are surprisingly very high quality and performance under low light for camera is impressive, my last phone was abysmal under LL.

                            Battery lasts my average use for 2.5~3 days and charges to 100% in under an hour (~45min), I don't play games and only use it for browsing and youtubing, whatsapp, banking, google map, gmail, Shazam, teams, reddit, amazon and little bit of of photography when visiting places or restaurants.

                            Speakers are an upgrade over my last phone (Redmi Note 5), clear to my ears and I've had no issues with them. The microphone quality during calls is way much better too.

                            MIUI has been a great experience, very stable and intuitive.

                            I don't need wireless charging or the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 on the 12, this phone is already overperforming at my terms for a midrange and with that $510 price tag (256GB) and compact design its a winner for me who wants a smooth
                            and reliable phone for daily tasks, can't believe I was missing out so much.

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                              • H5{
                              • 04 Jul 2022

                              AnonD-1033007, 03 Jul 2022Does anyone have Xiaomi 12X? What's your entire experi... moreI've had mine a while now.

                              Unless you really want the form factor, then I wouldn't recommend it, though most seem to be happy, so maybe I've just got a duff example.

                              I love MIUI. Battery life is great. Camera is decent. The top ear speaker issue no longer seems to bother me, so I've either got used to it, or it could have been resolved by software update. Its had two so far. (EEA rom) I seldom make calls though.

                              My two gripes are it's sometimes laggy while scrolling web pages/apps etc, and the other is the screen is sometimes unresponsive. Seems to be confined to 1cm or so on the long edges which really pisses me off when you have to tap the screen half a dozen times instead of once.

                              I really should sell it, but I love the form factor, and I can't be arsed 😂

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                                • vaS
                                • 04 Jul 2022

                                Anonymous, 03 Jul 2022Would be nice to also have an 'S' version of this... moreOk, so the launch of 'S' versions just wrapped up. Now hoping for a "T" version of this haha

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                                  • AnonD-1033007
                                  • g8K
                                  • 03 Jul 2022

                                  Does anyone have Xiaomi 12X? What's your entire experience? Like how MIUI works now, is it smooth, does it have loud and clear speakers, does it have issue with a top speaker while talking, how's the battery life etc.

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                                    • vaS
                                    • 03 Jul 2022

                                    Would be nice to also have an 'S' version of this with Dimensity 8100 alongside the upcoming other 12S phones

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                                      • newtd
                                      • U{B
                                      • 27 Jun 2022

                                      Will 12x be launched in India, or should I go with Poco F4?

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                                        • 23 Jun 2022

                                        hinst, 21 Jun 2022It is NOT worth to upgrade to Android 12 for this device. I... moreSuch as.?