Xiaomi 13 Pro is finally getting official IP rating, teaser video reveals

Yordan, 09 December 2022

The Xiaomi 13 Pro is arriving this Sunday, December 11. It will have a fancy green color and a new camera design, but more importantly, it is finally getting an official IP rating. The company revealed the phone will be certified against dust and water resistance in a fancy video posted on Weibo.

The camera will be able to take photos in all environments, including a mode to take pictures of the starry night, a feature missing from the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

The IP rating needs to be certified by the IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission; otherwise, a product legally cannot be advertised as having ingress protection. Affordable Xiaomi phones have an official IP53 rating, which means the phone is protected from mild dust and spraying water. We expect to see IP68, as on the current flagship Xiaomi 12S Ultra, meaning the Xiaomi 13 Pro will be able to withstand even tougher conditions.

Xiaomi 13 Pro is finally getting official IP rating

The hero color of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is called Wilderness Green. It will be sold in a limited edition bundle with a smartwatch, which could be a new Watch S2 model, and the Buds 4 Pro, both of the wearables in the same fashionable paint job. There’s also a massive protective case with a lanyard for the wrist for the ultimate green experience.

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Reader comments

  • PhonePhreak
  • 11 Dec 2022
  • rV8

Half a Terrabit of on board storage why would I need an SD card? I've got SD cards from other phones and I've never filled any of those cards to Max capacity! But guess what I can load all those cards on 512G of on board storage! That would...

Exactly. But any marketing is marketing and it helps promoting sales. Easy reason why Australian government this summer fined Samsung with 4 millions of fine for missleading waterproofing ads. Since no phone is submarine which could and shou...

  • hmm
  • 11 Dec 2022
  • m2J

I expect more features from a 4 digits price phone. I dont need SD card if phone have 128/256GB storage. My phone now have 32GB and i have 8GB sd card in it from like previous phone or two ago. I rather have 3.5mm jack on phone. It's a lot easie...

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