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  • AnonD-1061076
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  • 14 Mar 2024

Super Android 22, 04 Mar 2024So like samsung for the past 4 years with their flagships a... moreAnd your point is? it's still a major issue and nothing is even remotely close from the things you mentioned to the issue this phone has. Complete failure of Pixel 6 series? forgot to take your meds? what the hell are you talking about? the fog issue practically makes the cameras useless and you pretend like nothing happened? you're just simping for chinese smartphones and going out of your way to defend them using brain-dead arguments like "oh buy sony are easily breakable, trust me bro". Pathetic. Enjoy your chinesium quality smartphone with a price tag of proper flagship smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google and so on.

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    • Anonymous
    • pVM
    • 14 Mar 2024

    Does it support usbc video output to hdmi?

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      • User
      • fp6
      • 14 Mar 2024

      I read on REDDIT that a lot of users had fog camera issue, who Can confirm that?, IS this phone worth thé Price, if any other suggestion tell me , thanks,,,

        Justify if we can buy this device instead
        OnePlus 12 or Vivo X100 Pro...

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          • Furkan
          • pT4
          • 14 Mar 2024

          CamoGeko-XDA, 13 Mar 2024This phone costs way too much. You're overreaching ... moreXiaomi is more expensive because Hyper Os updates is better than Miui

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            • Popeye
            • pmH
            • 14 Mar 2024

            CamoGeko-XDA, 13 Mar 2024This phone costs way too much. You're overreaching ... moreIt costs 520€ in China, the only reason it costs 900€ in EU is because of tax barriers, which(in theory) should lead to rise in local manufacturing, but real result is obviously different, as decent EU-made phones are non-existent(yes, Fairphone isn't decent) after 17 years since iPhone launch.

            The worst part about it isn't small electronics(like phones, which i change once in 3 years and thus overpay around 100€/year), but EVs. I definitely consider upcoming Xiaomi's SU7, but paying 90k instead of 50k for the same product is ridiculous.

              This phone costs way too much.

              You're overreaching yourself there Xiaomi... In the words of my favourite YouTuber... "Xiaomi, CALM DOWN!"

              This price is what I would expect to pay for a 512GB version of the Xiaomi 14 Pro if they were actually smart and released that phone globally, which is what everyone wanted. For some stupid reason it's only available in China.

              Furthermore, for £899 I can go right now and buy a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra brand new on eBay and that's for the 1TB version!!! Sure it has the older SD8 Gen 2 but it's way way more phone and features for the money. Or I can get a Xiaomi 14 Pro China import for less than this phone costs too. Honestly don't know what Xiaomi was thinking with releasing this phone globally and how they priced it. Might have been worth at 700 but not much more. You can also get a Pixel 8/Pixel 8 Pro for about the same price or less for the former which has way better software and hardware support in terms of warranty.

              Maybe Xiaomi should just stick to budget and midrange phones, at least they are good at making devices specifically for those markets.

              PS. Also in related news, Xiaomi has locked down all their HyperOS phones for now so you can't even unlock the bootloader if you import one of their Chinese variants. They're actually forcing you to go through back channels and possibility of being scammed if you try to unlock your device which you have to do if you want the bootloader unlocked. I really don't support this behaviour Xiaomi!!

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                • Anon
                • ybU
                • 13 Mar 2024

                Anonymous, 13 Mar 2024its just toooo Overpriced for the specs and feel...$699 USD for 12GB/256GB are you serious? How can anyone think it is overpriced..

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                  • Anonymous
                  • vGc
                  • 13 Mar 2024

                  its just toooo Overpriced for the specs and feel...

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                    • Usman Haider
                    • 6p{
                    • 13 Mar 2024

                    Overpriced ASF should be around 150K

                      AndrewM, 10 Mar 2024AVOID: All the global models are known to have water conden... moreDoes it happen constantly? Or just one time

                        Those already bought device,
                        please confirm about camera fog issue, and overheating issue.
                        I plan to buy but review (genuine) needed

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                          • pane
                          • 04Q
                          • 12 Mar 2024

                          AAAENT03, 12 Mar 2024Sir which country? U bought that ph with adds. the land of *Alexander the Great *
                          '' Macedonia''

                            pane, 10 Mar 2024my comments may seem invasive to some, but I have nothing a... moreSir which country? U bought that ph with adds.

                              Anonymous, 12 Mar 2024No sd card slot No ips panel No fm radio No audio jack ... moreKeep waiting then

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                                • Anonymous
                                • rp8
                                • 12 Mar 2024

                                Anonymous , 10 Mar 2024IS the camera Lens really get some fog ???IS that true ?

                                  Anonymous, 12 Mar 2024No sd card slot No ips panel No fm radio No audio jack ... moreNo sd card slot : you do know Mi (or Xiaomi) series never had sd card slot? ever since Mi 3
                                  No ips panel : well this is dumb
                                  No fm radio : not really much important
                                  No audio jack : it's gone since Mi 6
                                  No it blaster : I believe you mean IR blaster, it's there

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 04Q
                                    • 12 Mar 2024

                                    sd card slot is a thing of the past,
                                    look for it ips panel and you get the latest technology LTPO OLED, 68B colors, 120Hz,
                                    But fm radio is a thing of the past,
                                    No audio jack , don't have almost all new phones
                                    but you have for 3 eur ''usb type c to 3'5mm adapter'' for wired headphones,
                                    but bluetooth headphones are definitely more modern
                                    (No it blaster )-
                                    you probably mean Infrared port, so it has IR, read it

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • pe0
                                      • 12 Mar 2024

                                      No sd card slot
                                      No ips panel
                                      No fm radio
                                      No audio jack
                                      No it blaster

                                      What the hell were you thinking Xiaomi?
                                      You can do better than this.
                                      I believe in you Xiaomi

                                      Next phone I am waiting....

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • CbI
                                        • 11 Mar 2024

                                        In this phone adds are coming or not plz tell me anyone I am playing to buy it