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Xiaomi 14 Ultra

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  • 28 Feb 2024

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2024Cool story but nobody is going to read such a long block of... moreI did. I love deep explanation

    It seems like the battery cell quality of the 5300mAh is higher than that of the 5000mAh

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      • Sc$
      • 28 Feb 2024

      WitheredBonnie, 27 Feb 2024The s24 ultra is flat would you consider it????? Only if it come with excellent IPS display technology panel
      And without all that useless Samsung iPhone junk

        Bval, 27 Feb 2024Iqoo don't have usb 3.2not like you'd use that usb 3.2 most of the time for anything than charging and you won't need the faster speed to transfer files from pc too. still has a decent speed that is both good and fast for normal use while costing half of what this does

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          • 28 Feb 2024

          Anonymous, 27 Feb 2024If I _had_ to get a new phone today, it would probably be a... moreCool story but nobody is going to read such a long block of text. Just keep your stories shorter next time thanks.

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            • BosniaKiller
            • akK
            • 28 Feb 2024

            This is killer device

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              • Furkan
              • pT4
              • 28 Feb 2024

              Nathan, 27 Feb 2024Don't be fooled around. MiUi is Hyper OS... Hyper OS i... moreI mean less bugs in Hyper Os than Miui

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                • Bval
                • NfA
                • 27 Feb 2024

                Chris2004, 26 Feb 2024I just bought the IQOO 12 16/512 for $625 which is almost t... moreIqoo don't have usb 3.2

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                  • Azza2
                  • g8e
                  • 27 Feb 2024

                  I think fast charging is all very well. But I rather have a good working battery after a year not depleted cells from constant recharges.

                  Price compared to Samsung or Apple is reasonable. My current Samsung works fine still however that will get semi-retired when I upgrade this year.

                  Hardware is good on the xiaomi ; good camera optics, colour calibration on the screen, good amount of solid state storage and available RAM for applications and the photo kit which can turn it into a compact camera experience is a worthy bonus. 67mm filter glass support without awkward adapters.

                  Second choice could be a Honor Magic 6 Pro if you are not swayed by the leica branding.

                  The s24 ultra is not really inspiring to me as all the incremental changes are so insignificant to what I am looking for and the ai functionality is a bit of a gimmick. Live translation is pretty good though.

                    I believe this is the phone that top Hollywood producers have used to make a film. If that's not an endorsement to switch from an iPhone, then the force is strong with the Apple diehards. While I like to switch between Android and iOS, I'm curious to see how Apple or Samsung tops this.

                      Elon, 25 Feb 2024When you can't buy s24 ... Then say is bad phone ... moreYou named yourself Elon lmao.
                      As if you had any authority on anything.

                        What lead to 5000mAh and 5300mAh?

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                          • M5C
                          • 27 Feb 2024

                          WitheredBonnie, 27 Feb 2024The s24 ultra is flat would you consider it????? If I _had_ to get a new phone today, it would probably be a coin flip to choose between S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro, and I _hate_ iPhone.

                          None of the currently available phones ticks all my boxes. Zenfone? Sony? Awful support duration plus a whole list of Xperia flaws (notably auto mode and flashlight) and no telephoto on the Asus.

                          Samsung has the most annoying web store and sale strategy of any manufacturer plus an annoying UI with lots to reconfigure, deinstall, and sideload. (My partner has a S23.) Also, if a USB-C headphone jack is present, you can't override that so sound plays on the phone speaker. This is possible on the Zenfone, Xperia, and others.

                          Pixel? Ugly inside and out, features are region locked, software was buggy at launch, I loathe having a company name as the assistant wake word.

                          No flips or folds. No curved screens. Fairphone is out after owning a 2 and two 3s and having enough hardware and firmware issues.

                          I don't know, what does that leave... the new Nokia? But that doesn't have a great camera. So... Nothing---and I don't mean Nothing, the brand...

                          Now I'm just waiting for Sony to fix their lousy two years of updates and maybe get a brighter torch and then I'll be back to Xperia, ready to get more blurry action shots and dim night pictures... Until then, trying to keep this used Zenfone alive until something halfway decent gets released.

                          Regular Xiaomi 14 (or the 13 Pro) also look alright, although I haven't looked long enough to know what's annoying about their OS overlay and features and bugs and quirks.

                          Coincidentally, my favorite phones were by Huawei in the form of the Nexus 6P and an LG before they went bust, and that last one had a curved screen which was nudged off of a bench and cracked from end to end after a 15-inch drop, which was the last curved screen I will ever own, regardless of specs and OS support.

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                            • Professional
                            • S3u
                            • 27 Feb 2024

                            mir, 27 Feb 2024They can put 120 watt charging in their cheaper phonese yet... moreThe most common reason is USB 2 cheaper phones vs USB 3 flagships. USB 2 can charge higher at stable rates.

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                              • mir
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                              • 27 Feb 2024

                              They can put 120 watt charging in their cheaper phonese yet they can only put 90 watts for their flagship? Lol.

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                                • OBI Wan
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                                • 27 Feb 2024

                                Saiyanman, 20 Feb 20241500 EUR? with this price better to buy samsung or iphoneEven the greatest SONY XPERIAs enthusias phone _ also not that expensive

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                                  • Mobile Crasher
                                  • 0xY
                                  • 27 Feb 2024

                                  Good phone, bad price.

                                    Anonymous, 27 Feb 2024The display itself is flat and the glass has a gentle curve... moreThe s24 ultra is flat would you consider it?????

                                      Furkan, 26 Feb 2024But Hyper Os is better than MiuiIt will be worth it when they do the review

                                        No esim why? But beast of a phone 8.5/10