Xiaomi Cares will make support and service more seamless and convenient in India

Ro, 23 November 2021

In a short tweet today, Xiaomi India announced that it's working on a new "care" program without going into much detail. As you can see below, the tweet emphasizes the words "you" and "care" quite a lot, promising to take things "a notch higher, just for You" when it comes to care. The image attached has the words "services simplified", so it's pretty clear what this is relating to - although there are no hard details to speak of yet.

A while after the tweet went up, a Xiaomi spokesperson elaborated on the company's plans ever so slightly in the following statement:

Further strengthening our commitment towards our Xiaomi fans and consumers, our upcoming solution called Xiaomi Cares will be a one stop solution for all service and support needs.

A company led, made in India initiative, 'Xiaomi Cares' is aimed at making the consumer's support and service journey convenient and seamless.

Hopefully more details are coming in the near future, stay tuned for those.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

So do you understand yet that Xiaomi doesn't say that this is a self repair service program?

  • Anonymous

That's not the point... Also people should not assume everybody is a dude

  • Anonymous

Have you guys understood yet that Xiaomi doesn't say that this is a self service repair program?

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