Xiaomi announces local manufacturing of printed circuit boards in India

Prasad, 09 April 2018

Xiaomi has announced that it will be locally manufacturing PCB or Printed Circuit Board in India. A PCB is a key component in almost every electronic device and is the plastic board onto which other components are soldered on to and enables connectivity between them.

Xiaomi also announced three new smartphone manufacturing plants in India. These plants, built in partnership with Foxconn, are based across campuses in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh and a new campus in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu with over 180 acres of area. Apart from these, Xiaomi now also manufactures smartphones in its Noida, Uttar Pradesh factory, built in partnership with Hipad, which previously only manufactured power banks.

Right now, Xiaomi has a total of six manufacturing plants in India, all of which make smartphones. The company claims 95% of its smartphones sold in India were manufactured locally. The factories built with Foxconn employ over 10000 workers, of which more than 95% are women. All the assembly work is also done by women.

Xiaomi is currently the number smartphone player in India, with 26.8% overall market share as of Q4, 2017. The company also leads the online smartphone segment, with a massive 57% market share.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-456831
  • 16 Apr 2018
  • vLy

It's an example you dense. Just like what does tata (what dafuq is tata?) have to do with smartphones?

  • Anonymous
  • 11 Apr 2018
  • kAF

I'm talking about democracies, whats point of citing china and russia and uae with different model of working. You are giving example of crocodile as a walking fish dude. Public sector means government or state has stake in it. India has SBI and such...

Good Joke. Chinese Government Owns Most of their Brands and Companies or Aleast has share in them. Russian government also owns many Companies. Every country owns companies like Abu Dhabi owns Man City and Qatar Owns PSG. Most pub...

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