Xiaomi announces new battery tech, 10% bigger capactiy and advanced monitoring

Ro, 11 December 2021

In a short Weibo post, Xiaomi revealed a new battery tech the R&D team has been working on and it should be made available next year. The machine-translated Chinese might be a little bit off but from what we gather, Xiaomi was able to increase the silicon content inside the battery about 3 times and has resulted in more efficient capacity storage.

Xiaomi announces new battery tech, 10% bigger capactiy and advanced monitoring

In the same size, the new battery can fit about 10% more mAh and provide up 100 minutes of additional runtime on a single charge. The packaging technology has also been revamped, which has further improved space efficiency. The PCM (protection circuit module) has been angled at 90-degrees and no longer lies flat, ultimately saving some space.

Moreover, Xiaomi has equipped the new battery with a fuel gauge chip that relies on advanced algorithms improving safety and the life span of the cells as it monitors overnight charging. This mitigates the overcharged state when the handset is plugged for too long. Some temperature control using additional sensors are also in place and as we all know, Li-Ion batteries don't like heat that much. However, we don't know how exactly Xioami is able to control the battery's temperatures.

The first mass-produced batteries of this kind should come around the second half of next year.

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  • Anonymous

If you don't know what you are talking about then why are you commenting on the subject? I didn't throw magical numbers around. That was one of the clearly outlined advantages of switching to the batteries. Learn facts instead of just ...

depends on budget. for me: paying 1000 pounds for a phone with good battery kinda is.. even my 125 endurance hours i find it: just about enough.. the more easily it discharges the shorter it's battery life is. unfortunately 140+ e...

  • Anonymous

Magic pixies, lol. I guess that's what makes people like Xioami so much. Fairy tale B.S.

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