Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro

Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro

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  • Le1cho

Romane, 23 Mar 2021USB 2 0 without card slot? They are kidding..Flagship witho... moreIt's not a cameraphone, it's the gaming phone first of all and the main target audience - gamers. Gaming people don't need good cameras, they need great screen, battery and processor and Black Shark 4 is perfect in that terms. If you need good camera, simply skip this model

WHAT! This costs just about 500€.

Muhammad90, 23 Mar 2021Where's Xiaomi's Infrared Sensor ??? No Infrared... moreIt's a gaming phone for God's sake

  • Ramez

Great features , great price , these will kill competitors from other brands, Xiaomi go on

  • Devil

Not a gaming phone just a generic Xiaomi phone with a different name.

  • Nobody

Am I the only one bothered with the punch hole?

No matter what it's a good value for the money, but stiil, i will go for the M 11 Ultra i think.

No battery upgrade 🤔 that is bad 😥

  • Anonymous

Ok Black Shark 4/ pro no best spec but low price than 3

  • Anonymous

So 64 MP is considered a bad camera these days
They say that ignorance is bliss but this is just beyond pathetic
This is a GAMING phone so Performance is the main reason to buy it

  • shahzad

No infrared, No card slot, No USB 3.2 port. Not a good camera. No wireless charging. I wonder what's the flagship in this phone.

  • aan

Romane, 23 Mar 2021USB 2 0 without card slot? They are kidding..Flagship witho... moreits gaming phone, don't expect flagship camera, great feature. there is no perfect smartphone in the world for you.

USB 2 0 without card slot? They are kidding..Flagship without flaghips camera. I don't neet it/

Where's Xiaomi's Infrared Sensor ???
No Infrared, No SD Card slot & Bad Cam's :/

  • Tadd

Low Battery 🔋

  • Anonymous

ufs 3.1 with ssd? crazy

  • TechNoob

Audio Jack: Unspecified,This getting real sus

For a gaming phone, this has a small battery. Some of the competition has around 6000 mAh.