Xiaomi CEO announces HyperOS, first to arrive with the Xiaomi 14 series

Yordan, 17 October 2023

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, announced today the arrival of HyperOS. The new operating system will make an official debut on the Xiaomi 14 series and will be the natural evolution of MIUI. The series is set to arrive later this year in China, while global release should take place in the early weeks of 2024.

HyperOS is still an Android Open Source Project but will be merged with Vela, Xiaomi's platform for IoT.

Xiaomi CEO announces HyperOS, first to arrive with the Xiaomi 14 series

The executive shared an emotional post on Weibo, revealing the OS will put “people in the center of an ecosystem” where they will connect with other people, cars, and homes. His team started with just “a few engineers” and is now a massive company with a software workforce of nearly 5,000 people.

The userbase grew from “100 dreamers” to over 1 billion users since Xiaomi's first MIUI product, launched on August 16, 2010. The current user interface launched with “only four common functions” and is now a cross-device service for phones and home appliances.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO

Preparations for Xiaomi HyperOS began in 2014 when the world of IoT started emerging. The company set its first steps in 2017 and then began developing a new ecosystem for devices and applications. The goal is to connect “tens of billions of devices” in the future, and the first step will be the Xiaomi 14 series.

Our expectations are for future Xiaomi phones to launch with HyperOS, while older flagships and premium devices will receive an OTA update, even if the company does not have the best track of upgrading older phones with modern software.

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They're doing all sorts of telemetry & harvesting data That is what bogs down the phone Even google is inventing it's own sort of telemetry in the background That's is why the browsing experience on 4gb ram sucks lemons on an...

HyperOS is the same MIUI!! They just trying to buried their problems!! almost 80% of user purchased Xiaomi switched to MIUI EU mods because of the terrible operating system.

Well some one plus coems with color OS some comes with close to stock android oxygen OS. Its simmilar thing to having xiaomi with MIUI or Pocophone with Poco UI.

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