Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G

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  • Anonymous

Poco x2 is better for me, audio Jack, fm radio, sd card is very important.

  • Anonymous

these specs look really awesome, specially when this phone will cost 30% or 40% less than galaxy s10 and more than 50% less than galaxy s20.
But i think it's time to get an upgrade on screen resolution and/or IP68 rating. Since modern phones have a lot of internal storage i'm ok without SD card slot and no 3.5mm jack. Also i would like to see a more secure fingerprint technology, i don't trust optical fingerprint sensor


  • Anonymous

MiNote865, 30 Jan 2020I don't like Mi10 design. I'm waiting for a MiNotePro updat... moremi note will never use FLAGSHIP chipset atleast for now
@ the beginning when they start....they start using 800 series

MI NOTE.....SD801
MI NOTE 2.....SD821

MI NOTE 3......SD660
MI NOTE 10......SD730

65w that's good as hell

  • Anonymous

2020 already..someone still wan radio function for what? still listen to radio?
Mi 9 already don have audio jack la.. now Airdots everywhere want audio jack for what?
max 512GB internal storage already, still not enough? LOL! this people really pointless ..

still rumoured.
i hope the original design not same like mi 9 pro and hope for better specs and benchmark.
will mi 10 pro can beat 7T later.
i am curious.
please,be patient xiaomi fans.

  • Kontol

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020Usb 2.0? In 2020? Please...What the problem dude?

  • Anonymous

Usb 2.0? In 2020? Please...

  • Anonymous

no audio jack, no sdcard, no radio. No buy thanks

65 watt whaaaat 😲😲

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020USB 2.0 again and again!! USB 3.0/3.1 please (UFS 3.0 is be... moreman 2,0 is good enough.
For sake of price.
Be happy they did not used 1.0 or so.

Asen, 30 Jan 2020no sd card, no waterproof, no stereo speaker. No thanks Like 512GB and cloud storage is not enoug omg you are funny .
my phone have 64GB and still have like 25% free.
IPxx is just useless gimmick as long as water resistance is not covered in your warranty if your phone dies or suffers from water damage whether you have or dont have IPxx resistance it does not matter. Its just costly gimmick.
And for what you need stereo speakers??? And who told you they arent there???
A rumored specs??? Funny.

I hate the notch but specs and probbably pricing will be too good to be true.

  • MiNote865

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020A LITTLE BIT CHANGE vs MI NOTE 10 JUST MI 10 pro have SD86... moreI don't like Mi10 design. I'm waiting for a MiNotePro update to sd865.... Thanks Xiaomi..

  • Anonymous

JUST MI 10 pro have SD865

ppl who buy MI NOTE 10
if they just waiting 3months...after release date of mi 10 pro

instead of with what they paying for mi note 10... 8/128 or 8/256
they could buy MI 10 PRO 8/128


  • Shuvo

make the price lower plz i love xiaomi

  • AnonD-754814

If it has flat screen price is 499$.

its weird when companies sell their flagships with no wifi 6, so far, only samsung and apple have it on their last year flagships and most def this year and next year.
and, only oppo is putting bluetooth 5.1 on their upcoming find x2 but without wifi 6.