Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

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Barja74, 08 Nov 2020https://www.wondamobile.com/mobile/xiaomi-smartphones/xiaom... moreMan thats a chinese version thus many things will be turned off because of chinese law limitations.
Thats not the phone i would like.

I had to have one.

Woud like to buy and cant nowhere in europe is this device for sale .

Aeldor, 27 Oct 2020Lol. No 3.5 mm jack?LOL?? open eyes ...most other venders high end phones same!

  • digigi

NIce phone, but anybody knows whether works in Europe and UK? Is it compatible with UK frequencies? Google play store and Google services could be installed, that shouldn't be a problem.

ThatOneWeabo, 12 Oct 2020i hope this phone crosses out of china because it is great.they didn't want to cost a lot of money only for the phone, because money is not they looking for.

196 cm Asian Boy, 29 Oct 2020Totally agree 😥😪for me it has really good camera setup, cool design, bigger ram, support 5G, and has 120hz screen on the phone for gaming until working.

Phoenix007, 19 Oct 2020It's unfair that Xiaomi didn't release their the ... moreTotally agree 😥😪

  • 192 cm asian boy

Aeldor, 27 Oct 2020Lol. No 3.5 mm jack?lol iphone also

holy **** that camera setup!!!!

Lol. No 3.5 mm jack?

  • Anonymous

Will foldable xiaomi arrive anytime soon?

  • Pitchwisse

I bought the phone a few days ago. The first thing that was a wow effect was the display, and I say that coming from the Galaxy Note 10. It's one of those things you don't really know you need until you see it. The performance is stellar and the UI has some very useful features. I honestly preferred the camera on the MI10 pro, but the differences are marginal for the average consumer. The audio quality trumps every phone that has Dolby Atmos. The Charging speed is ridiculous, however it remains to be seen how it will affect battery integrity over time. The downside is that it is only available here in China.

  • Anonymous

what a rip off cant even get it

It's unfair that Xiaomi didn't release their the best phone globally. :(

  • Amar

Jyac, 08 Oct 2020I have been using this phone for a while. Facing few issues... morei.was.also.facing same issue with what'sapp. you need to hold the what'sapp and then. go to app info.and give permission to.read your contact and give other all permission okey then it will not disappear contact name

i hope this phone crosses out of china because it is great.

Jyac, 08 Oct 2020I have been using this phone for a while. Facing few issues... moreyou can fix that by turning off miui optimization . First of all go to about phones click all specs then click miui version for 5 - 10 times.now go to developer options , scroll down and turn it off. the reason why i am saying this is bcz most of chinese rom miui optimizations are full of bugs and glitches , i also using mi 10 ultra and faced the same problem so i turned it off and everything went back to normal again. Oh ya , and after turning it off, some apps permissions will be set to default so you will have to give some permissions again.

  • anono

Marwan Balo 30, 09 Oct 2020Great phone with a lot of Advantages, I love it and now I a... moresmooth and pretty fast? LOL its the most insane phone now, it just smooth and "pretty" fast? XD