Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

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  • Anonymous

John-wick, 20 hours agoBad photography experience. Lack of exposure, low contrast... morefor better photography go for

Realme X3 SuperZoom


Lack of exposure and low contrasty photo. Plz avoid mi 10t pro for photography. Go to Mi note 10. MI note 10 much better for photography

Bad photography experience. Lack of exposure, low contrasty photos.

Disappointed with Mi 10t pro camera. it takes detailed photos with low exposure and low contrasty. Why? Without edited most of the photos looks dull

The phone is probably good, but MIUI is a total crap. Crap.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021now Realme X3 SuperZoom becomes 335$ for 8/128 Global R... morei checked...

SD855+ overall still have better performance than sd780g that u can find it in Mi 11 lite 5g & Honor 50 pro.

also its better than sd860 in poco x3 pro.

Erik Ananta, 20 Jun 2021PLease teLL me your history about the Update 12.5 on the mi... moreDon't worry, the update is very well. Its fixed a lots of bugs and the phone being performed good.

PLease teLL me your history about the Update 12.5 on the mi 10T pro...
Theres a Lot of bug or fix a Lot of bug..??
Notification bug is the very horibLe i think...
I'm sory my engLish is not good, i just want to know how xiaomi fix the Bug in the MIUI 12.5.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021if u really miss Optical Zoom option sell this one w... morenow
Realme X3 SuperZoom
becomes 335$ for 8/128 Global Rom
u can't find a phone with....
5× Optical Zoom + Sd855+ / Android 11 + 120Hz + Ufs 3 + 32/8Mp selfie + 30W... right now with this coditions with this price

really amazing

Rajesh nayak, 19 Jun 2021so good this mobileSo far so good the tow things that annoying me proximity sensor and very late updates

  • Rajesh nayak

mostafamhmoud71, 12 Jun 2021I did it from frist time i got the phoneso good this mobile

  • Anonymous

Can anyone hwre share their experience on miui 12.5 from eu.

  • justname

this phone or poco f3?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2021I have used this phone extensively for past 6 months. Feel ... moreif u really miss
Optical Zoom option

sell this one

with lower price than this one
around 360$

u can get
Realme X3 SuperZoom...Global
5× optical zoom....120hz....sd855+...android 11

Layla, 16 Jun 2021Which is better, this or the a52 5g? I know when it comes t... moreXiaomi have some problematic software issues especially when you update their OS. I've been a xiaomi owner of 3 devices up until 2020, two of them are expensive phones and I won't ever be going back to them. I'm fully satisfied with my samsung device now because their software updates have been great so far in my experience. So my advice is to stay away from xiaomi devices.

  • nenad

Nanas, 04 Jun 2021I'm confused to choose between Mi 10T Pro or samsung A... moreI've bought mi 10t pro over
samsung s20 plus
(friends 3 month old phone)
Same price

  • Anonymous

Layla, 16 Jun 2021Which is better, this or the a52 5g? I know when it comes t... moreLooks like you already made your mind

  • Layla

Which is better, this or the a52 5g? I know when it comes to hardware the mi 10t pro is mostly if not overall better than the a52 5g, but I have some doubts since many say that miui is problematic and samsung's ui is more optimized

  • Anonymous

I have used this phone extensively for past 6 months. Feel like contributing back to the community with my actual usage.

1. Really a bargain for the price you paid. The actual usage feeling reflects the specs. Which you don't really get it anywhere.
2. Gaming very good.
3. Battery life can last me whole day, I'm a heavy user and I think this is the first phone can almost last me whole day. I been only using flagship phone from different brands except this model. But this phone doesn't miss much from actual flagship. I'm happy with the charging speed, short charge and can last me whole evening.
4. Side finger print is so natural for me.

1. Camera good for normal photo taking but it seems it is always not in focus on edge of the picture when taking about 1 meter range. If anyone knows I been using it wrongly please tell me. Focusing is desirable improvement.
2. Update to MiUi to 12.5 is like taking forever? I don't have any ads issues as was disabled at first day. Global version.
3. Heavy, I think any phone nowadays which is 200g or above is too heavy, any brands.

Not pros nor cons
While the 108mp camera is useful taking wide angle, I think such a high MP just taking too much storage place. Some apps seems doesn't support the HEIF format of sending image. You have to send from app accessing the gallery when that happens.

I just realised how much I miss Tele lens after using this phone. Seems nothing can replace optical zoom still.

Overall, i highly recommended for those who want a good fast phone with all boxes tick except optical zoom even today as at date I wrote this.

FFFFFFFFFF, 14 Jun 2021Should i buy this phone or Oneplus 8t or samsung A72?Well I'd say if u care about display go for OnePlus 8t otherwise mi10t pro has better camera, speaker , batter capacity