Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2020No problem with the IPS. OLED is pretty overrated here. ... moreNo curve, LCD, cmae out so much later than other phones.
Now poco F2 pro and mi 10 are very cheap. If Thai price is anywhere near their price, it will be trash.
I think they are pricing high maybe because they think people will spend a lot money jsut to buy 'first' gimball cam although V20 has it, maybe because it also has 865.
Anyways,if price is anywhere near price of mi 10 or poco F2 pro (currently) then u shouldn't buy, unless your buying Huawei P series.

I prefer choose mi 10 pro because that phone have Amoled, telephone camera and fast charging 50 watt and with affordable price

  • SolarFox

Wait what LCD?
I want to buy this phone nut now, there is no way with LCD screen.
I understand thay your investitors pocket need to be filled too and you put LCD on 500-600$ price phone. Sorry. You should cut on their part of money not our. Now, they will get ZERO from me and many.

  • sela

699 and no telecam........wtf....Then i guess the Poco f2 pro is better value.... as it has same camera options an amoled screen....what is xiaomi doing lately.....do they listen to consumer or who is doing research for them ??
old chip, so so display, no tele but price 699......DISAPPOINTED 100%

Why would you ever get this trash over the Mi 10.

144 Hz.
But no telephoto.

  • swissuser2022

no optical zoom wyyyyy???

Zie the on3, 25 Sep 2020This was my new phone Until they gave it an LCD..... They... moreNice try buddy

Name 5 flagship (Snapdragon 865) phones of 2020 with an LCD screen

Not sure what you mean by they "always" as if LCD is common in flagships

  • Hakeem

Again again and again .. There will be no sd card again..
They didnt hear customer complain

  • Anonymous

No problem with the IPS. OLED is pretty overrated here.

But no telephoto... kinda sad.

i think this most great phone, but without amoled screen..its ok la with low price hopefully

  • Wartux

If this phone will be priced somewhere between 500 and 550 Euros I would buy this phone immediately, but if not, I will pass T series and rather get any other phone from other brands in that class. It's IPS LCD, not an Amoled, have no 3.5mm jack, no 60fps recording on the Front Camera, no water resistance certificate, and I think that this phone will be overpriced, even with a lacks of these most important features for any average user. I think that Xiaomi must think in direction of lowering their prices on these two phones, I mean on T10 and T10 Pro. If they don't, these two phones would be complete miss. But if they decrease the price of T10 Pro max between 500 or 550 Euros, I'm the first one who will buy T10 Pro version.

  • Anonymous

If this is somewhere near Mi 10 Ultra then it would hit.

  • Anonymous

Zie the on3, 25 Sep 2020This was my new phone Until they gave it an LCD..... They... moreGood
One, it gives mi 10 a plus point to pay for
2, it is great for people who want much smaller notch at right placement (not as awkward as mi 10),plus for people who don't want screen problems always as a result of AMOLED, like screen burn.

  • Heth

Front camera should have some stabilization EIS.

  • Zie the on3

This was my new phone
Until they gave it an LCD.....
They always do that......

  • Anonymous

Starting in September 30, Xiaomi will launch the Mi 10T Series at 2 PM.

  • ut

Pt7, 22 Sep 2020Should I buy poco f2 pro at 399$ (6gb) Or wait for mi 10tHi I got poco f2 pro and it's amazing snap dragon 865 adreno 650 sound jack is so helpful, the only thing is low refresh rate but I am not into gaming so makes no difference to me but if that's your thing then better opt for mi 10 pro

Well there are a lot of amoled phones from Xiaomi and amoled phones not good for gaming... My friends have Mi 8 and Mi 9 they both have burn in problem with the pupg buttons! So when the gaming series black shark have amoled screens too this Mi 10T is the perfect choice for gaming! About the sd865+ I never liked this plus versions it's just an 865 boosted and it gets higher price when the sd875 is almost ready to released!

  • heth

I hope at least one phone from the Mi 10T series that comes with the snapdragon 865+ chipset and stabilization in the front camera with 4k video recording support all this in one phone.