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  • Rick

Voltus V, 18 Apr 2021Worst phone ever... Battery performs WAY much less than my ... moreI get 6.5 hours screen on time out of mine with around 22 to 24 hours between charging

  • Rick

Sujon, 17 Apr 2021I'm really disappointed with Gorilla Glass Victus beca... moreLol it has a pre applied screen protector it's not the glass you scratched😂😂😂

  • Voltus V

Worst phone ever... Battery performs WAY much less than my Oneplus 7 pro's one after 2 careless years of use and 600 mA less. Lots of useless apps and all or them are monitoring the behavior of the user. More privacy invasive than Facebook and Google combined. I cannot make the most of my notification sound, just vibrate. And all of them has to go through the stupid Theme app, that has ALL the permission active. There is no privacy at all using this crap.

  • Sujon

I'm really disappointed with Gorilla Glass Victus because this product is easily scratched.

  • Chris

I was using the Mi9T pro and it was a wonderful phone and it took an even more fantastic phone to replace it. Mi11 is certainly that phone, that screen is just wow......the colour, the 1500 nit brightness, the 120z hdr 10+, 480 sampling rate and that body is so slim yet sturdy feeling. Could have waited for the mi 11 ultra but that ultra camera bump was a major put off, unlike the mi 11.

  • Chris

Mi11 PocoF3 S20FE, 03 Apr 2021Assuming they are the same price, which one would you guys ... morewithout a shadow of doubt, mi 11, the curved screen , the overall body is just premium. camera is good. gorilla glass victus easy winner among poco amd s21fe.

  • korra

mi 11 or poco F3?

  • Kibe

Sir J, 15 Apr 2021My Poco F1 is about to die should I buy this phone? Or ther... moreHmm good question im interested in this too

  • Rick

Mslucy, 15 Apr 2021Anyone here, how is the camera in real life?? It's excellent mate check this out it's a link to my YouTube channel some pics I've taken on mi11 with no edits https://youtu.be/SruVeTiuTsQ

Anyone here, how is the camera in real life??

  • Rick

mcdjwingy, 13 Mar 2021The only thing letting the Mi 11 down is the shocking batte... moreBattery life is better than most flagships out there with 120hz qhd display I've got one I get at least 6 hours screen on time with 24 hours between charges and that's at 120hz with qhd

  • Rick

David78, 21 Mar 2021Too bulky, heavy brick for 800 $?? Nah, I'm not buying that.Heavy brick bulky ? It's probably the slimest 6.8 inch device out there and the lightest

  • Rick

sneakygi, 22 Mar 2021what is it with xiaomi refusing to waterproof? Mi11 is just as waterproof as a Samsung s21 but Xiaomi haven't played for IP rating that's all

  • Rick

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2021Where is the optical zoom?!This phone does not need optical zoom you can take a shot from the 108mp sensor and crop in or even just use 2x zoom mode and get a better shot than 99% of phones can get with a low Res 2x optical lense

  • Rick

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2021Things you need to considerate before buying this phone: -... moreAll this rubbish about over heating is simply not true only time mi11 will over heat is after repeated benchmark which no one in real live does I'm using mi11 now it's a great phone and 100% does not over heat when using camera gaming or anything else I've only done one benchmark on antutu and hottest CPU got was 39c that is no were near over heating and my last Samsung phone when it did antutu CPU was 56c so stop talking rubbish the phone has been absolutely faultless since I've had it no big nothing and I get around 6 hours screen on time with 24 hours between charging

  • Sir J

My Poco F1 is about to die should I buy this phone? Or there are better phones in the same price?

  • Wake up

The Canny Scot, 10 Apr 2021At last, somebody with a sensible outlook. People who cling... moreMuch better have an earphone jack bcoz it doesn't need to recharge unlike the wireless earphone it can runs out of battery

  • nickname

Kitten LV, 04 Apr 2021Does the Xiaomi Mi 11 really have only 96kbps audio, whilst... morewould like to know too if Xiaomi Mi 11 have only 96kbps audio quality for video recording

XiaomiSamsungHuawei, 06 Apr 2021Stop complaining about phones having no headphone jack. It ... moreAt last, somebody with a sensible outlook. People who cling to the past should listen to a radio in the evening and pretend that TV has not yet been invented. MOVE ON for goodness sake.

  • Anonymous

S21U user, 29 Mar 2021S21 has insane optical zoom 3 ois on cameras Ip 68 cert... moreYou just described s21 ultra right there which is not in the same category with mi 11. Only comparison you can do is with vanilla s21.