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Xiaomi Mi 11

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  • Reachkidz
  • yJt
  • 25 Jan 2023

Just bought it second hand i think phone very good

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    • the lolman
    • gxN
    • 17 Jan 2023

    Ali, 11 Jan 2023Hi everyone, Simple question please, i am planning to buy ... moreNO! it isn't worth the trouble. get 12T pro

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      • Anonymous
      • u7V
      • 15 Jan 2023

      anon, 12 Jan 2023what are you smoking? mi12 is also sd 8 gen 1mi 12t i mean

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        • anon
        • 3Am
        • 12 Jan 2023

        Anonymous, 11 Jan 2023skip everything about sd 888 or sd 8 gen 1 on every brand. ... morewhat are you smoking? mi12 is also sd 8 gen 1

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          • Anonymous
          • tEZ
          • 11 Jan 2023

          Ali, 11 Jan 2023Hi everyone, Simple question please, i am planning to buy ... moreskip everything about sd 888 or sd 8 gen 1 on every brand.
          avoid trouble ..no matter how optimized os with crap cpu it will always crap...get mi 12t or mi 12 Miles ahead than this crap

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            • Ali
            • gQw
            • 11 Jan 2023

            Hi everyone,
            Simple question please, i am planning to buy this phone and i have read all the upside and downside aspects about this phone. I am in really need an honest answer from the owners of this phone to answer my question. I am NOT a gamer person at all. For normal person who likes watching YouTube videos and some streaming channels with taking pictures sporadically, IS THIS PHONE GOOD WITH ME OR NOT?
            Thank you and i really appreciate your help..

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              • miraclebaby
              • IWa
              • 05 Jan 2023

              after 1 1/2year using, the motherboard having issue i dont know maybe its because of it. the phone is awesome but it occurs a problem so.. i dont know if i will buy xiaomi again.. cause i dont like to buy what people always want like iphone or samsung.. i hate to be among that circle!!!

                Ravindra raturi, 17 Sep 2022My 11 x 5g phone suddenly Died. I bought him 8 months ago.w... moreIt's not your phone's fault that you can't use your warranty as you are out of the country where your warranty is valid. No reason to complain here about that.

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                  • Den
                  • EQp
                  • 30 Dec 2022

                  after using it for a year, the wifi problem didn't take long for this cellphone to die completely. very disappointed as mifans. I won't buy Xiaomi again

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                    • Nawhrid
                    • Rx4
                    • 29 Dec 2022

                    After 7 months of purchasing from China, WIFI died all on a sudden. And then few more months later it completely died. Utterly disappointed and never getting a Xiaomi device again. No after sale service due to COVID restriction/border issue. Zero accountability from Xiaomi.

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                      • ness4004
                      • nUk
                      • 28 Dec 2022

                      sound is stereo and harman kardon optimised!!!

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                        • Peters Mi11
                        • 7vn
                        • 27 Dec 2022

                        Yes, i had a failure issue of the main board or CPU after 15 month use and it needed to be changed. Very expensive. But that can happen to any other brand as well, just......believe it or not, my Mi11 has a 2 years warranty. WOW. So it was changed completely for free and..... withing 22 hours.
                        Could it be better?????
                        My second phone, I intentionally use for navigation and drone flights is as well a XIAOMI M11 light Ne, and...Wow, what a slim, lightweight and really smart phone is that?? Super fast, the Display super clear and bright, fast charge, state of the art ANDROID Os
                        XIAOMY does the best job for the best price.
                        That is my opinion.

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                          • Engraze
                          • M4h
                          • 21 Dec 2022

                          when working fine the phone is still one of the best on the market, super fast charge times, amazing camera and all the features you could ask for (apart from being waterproof)

                          HOWEVER!!! it definitely does suffer from over heating, as a result its common for the WIFI chip to fry and stop working also suffers from screen burning.

                          if you can keep it cool, it will be one of the best phones you've had. The 2 year warranty helps!

                            Yeah don't buy this phone. I have problems with mine i bought it like 8-9 months ago and now I have rebooting issues. The phone randomly reboots itself at random intervals hot or not after charging it or not. I don't recommend its a very unpleasant experience. It gonna probably die soon.

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                              • bork
                              • 0yR
                              • 13 Dec 2022

                              KingsleysTech, 24 Sep 2022Nothing to complain about for real? Currently using one &am... moreWhy are you tying so hard to diss the phone? I have read all your comments, and they are not really helpful..

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                                • Jan
                                • ucS
                                • 09 Dec 2022

                                Dead boot problem keep recurring...
                                First dead boot was close to a year after using..
                                Second was 3 months after fix, and
                                Third time was 1 month after fix.
                                Now preparing to go to service center for the 3rd time

                                Lucky I bought a 2 year warranty, I will have them kept fixing it until it's out of warranty

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                                  • Ali
                                  • GEn
                                  • 09 Dec 2022

                                  Julianna, 06 Dec 2022When I purchased this phone I was extremely excited. The c... moreK looks like the problem is not with phone died. Every reported his phone sied he was browsing Facebook. That means the was issue with Facebook app. A glitch or a vifus maybe.

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                                    • Julianna
                                    • Lgf
                                    • 06 Dec 2022

                                    When I purchased this phone I was extremely excited. The camera is great, everything is fast... and not even a bad price. The battery is OK...

                                    However, after 1.5 years of use, my phone decided to freeze yesterday, while I was browsing Facebook Marketplace, and it died. It tried restarting itself about 20 times. It finally restarted, I used it for 5 mins, and it died again, not turning on... I usually use phones for 3-4 years before switching, never had one randomly die...

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • SH3
                                      • 30 Nov 2022

                                      GavazMancho, 26 Nov 2022Should i get this phone? its refurbished but with a 30 day ... moreYes of course. I use EU version 8/256 horizon blue and it's amazing. Screen brightness, haptics, design, Snapdragon 888 etc. Soon it will be updated to Android 13 with MIUi 14 for extra smoothness. No heating issues on my unit here in Slovakia. If you can buy it for cheep price go for it. I recommend this phone 100%. 👍

                                        What's the cause from the Mi 11's strange failing Wifi thing?