Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2020Samsung NEVER RIP, because AMOLED is OLED product brand fro... morewhat a samsung fanboy

  • Anonymous

Let's light a light and share the live this new years eve๐Ÿ’ฉ

  • nike

Oh Snap dragon, 28 Dec 2020Still have no IP68?MI brand always focus on the cost performance , IP 68 is chicken ribs

  • lmaosimp

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2020Samsung NEVER RIP, because AMOLED is OLED product brand fro... moresamsung simp

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2020damn , who can compete with that . RIP Samsung Samsung NEVER RIP, because AMOLED is OLED product brand from Samsung ๐Ÿ˜œ their main camera and macro cam is also from Samsung ISOCELL, Samsung never mind about what ypu said because every phone has their unique, Xiaomi just copy the iOS, while Samsung made their UI from zero including their Store and Premium Marketing

  • Anonymous

damn , who can compete with that . RIP Samsung

  • AnonD-973296

Tomi, 30 Dec 2020yeah.. lol!i have seen the mi 10 ultra pic side by side with pixel 5 in DXOmark by just pulling up two web pages of both phones on two monitors lol. the pixel looks much better. better dynamic range, better color contrast, for me the xiaomi is a little harsh on the color because sometimes the red looks so bright in one area and very dim in another. as per my taste hence why i love pixel photos with their puchy and contrasty colors. i'm not an expert in cameras, contrast and dynamic range are the only terms i know in photography. lol when i edit photos, i just turn the dial up and down for all the exposures and what not and see what sticks๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Anonymous

Sure, the Xiaomi is a great value high-end phone, but why the MONSTROUS screen? Like I can barely wrap my hands around the Xiaomi Mi A3 (6.09 inch)...

  • michaelW

Tanvi, 30 Dec 2020i don't understand why they are avoiding 3.5mm jack al... moreTWS is very popular in China even all over the world , so 3.5mm audio jack is unnecessary

  • Anonymous

Kind of like Mi10 on steroid.

bergerbse, 28 Dec 2020I hope they will have a Pro, too. Waiting for a best camera... moreCan I install Google service if I buy Mi11 from China? if, I want to know how

  • Anonymous

xcent23, 31 Dec 2020People are still having a whinge when its 500 euros. that i... moreYes

People are still having a whinge when its 500 euros. that is a good price for this spec phone. if you dont like it guess what? You dont have to buy it! is anyone holding knife down your throat that you must buy?

  • bpe

Really, 2021 and still usb 2.0 ? (I need 3.1 for the PD options.) Oh well, maybe by 2030 or something.

  • Anonymous

Forgot to ask , will this have sub6 or mmwave ? Or both ?
I'm from the UK and currently my area is 4g max , but I thought I'd ask about the 5g incase a miracle happens and we can travel again in 2021 without too many restrictions

  • Anonymous

How regular are security patches and how long does Xiaomi support their devices for ?
This looks quite a good package, especially being as I'm bored with keeping to the same few brands now...I usually get Google, Samsung,Sony and Apple , sometimes Nokia but my last Nokia was a while back with the 7.1

So I'm looking at other devices for a change , I've never owned or used a Xiaomi

AhmedHNY, 30 Dec 2020If we ignore the ugly camera bump , this phone offers a goo... moreIf we also ignore its "Tablet size"

If we ignore the ugly camera bump , this phone offers a good value for the money ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Mostafa

Salcykhan, 30 Dec 2020If you are spy or next door neighbour peeper, go for huwai,... moreGreat wards

Very much disappointed with Mi 11 tbh. Yes, Xiaomi put lots of effort and great hardwares but does the 6.81" display is necessary? It's getting much more annoying for smartphone companies to make a large devices which is more difficult to be handed with one hand.