Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

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This phone is lightweight & slim.The screen is good with amoled 10-bit,snapdragon 732g good for gaming (with lower settings),camera 64mp is also good...but battery is little bit small 4250mah.Overall 8/10

  • Thr

Can l know if this phone have a problem for proximity sensor? Because l call to my wife often more than 2 hours.

  • Muzungo

Naurice D, 01 May 2021Very pleased after buying Mi 11 lite 4g, I recomend itHow do you see going against redmi note 10 pro? Does mi 11 lite have the upper hand?

Very pleased after buying Mi 11 lite 4g, I recomend it

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have IP53?

960, 24 Apr 2021No 3.5mm jack, no buy. No one is even talking about it. Sin... moreI'm with you

It's a pretty slim phone & I like it, looking forward to buying this.

  • Jesus

Ridiculous Hilarious, 26 Apr 2021Because of buggy user interface and 732g processor.You litteraly bad

  • jhoeiy

too much opinion.. too much blah ...blah...blah

  • Rcsd

No one forcing u to buy this phone
If u think it's not good buy other phone.
If u have bad experience with this phone sell it buy new.
All phone have their own advantage and disadvantages
All are not perfect. If still not satisfy for what u have don't blame the phone it's the user have the problem not the phone.

  • Ridiculous Hilarious

Awais, 26 Apr 2021This is nothing..too much heat problem after few minuts use.Because of buggy user interface and 732g processor.

  • Awais

This is nothing..too much heat problem after few minuts use.

  • shoaib

Using this phone, after a month and It feels great to have it battery backup is so good about 7 to 8 hours of SOT easily while browsing,,,
Camera is also brilliant
If you compare it with midrangers it can easily defeat them
And if you are comparing this phone with flagships than you must go for some mental checkup bro.....

  • Jako

Igor , 09 Apr 2021 Please guys whats better to Buy mi 11 lite or redmi note ... moreRedmi note 10 pro

  • Ridiculous Hilarious

I forgot to add that unlike other 700 series of Qualcomm chips, 732g suffers overheating issue because of higher frequency of its graphic processor.

  • Ridiculous Hilarious

This phone is real flagship😆
If this phone was a human and was living in Greece, people were calling it Ridiculous Hilarious.😄
A midranger phone with no features of flagships but lacks what flagships lack.
Here is features make it similar to low end phones you can buy with 120$:
No Ip rating
No telephoto lens

And guess what features make it similar to flagships?😁:
No 3.5 headphone jack
No memory slot card
Small battery capacity

Ridiculous Hilarious, what a name 😂

732G is foolish chipset by qualcomm

  • Nemo

HOW MANY HRS WILL IT LAST IF I'M GONNA USE IT IN FB/BROWSING (WIFI), MESSENGER (DATA USAGE N WIFI), NON-HEAVY GAME, AND A LIL TIKTOK APP? I want it because of its design and some specifications but my real concern is the BATTERY. I don't want RN10P because its mp camera is too much for me, while the PX3P drains faster because of its "powerful performance". Pls reply.

  • Abcde

Gloree, 24 Apr 2021No 3.5mm Jack.. how do you use your headphones?The dongle inside the box

  • David53

Does this device NOT support any APTX Bluetooth Codecs ?