Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

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  • dQT
  • 06 Jul 2024

ony, 28 Jun 2024update: mine has severe overheating and abismal batteryI also bought this in 2021, later battery drains 50% in less than 10 minutes,finger print stopped working,phone software crashed while watching youtube videos won't turn on anymore

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    • ony
    • gKC
    • 28 Jun 2024

    update: mine has severe overheating and abismal battery

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      • Aba32b
      • xjH
      • 31 May 2024

      I think I just found the right phone. Weight: OK. Gorilla Glass: OK. Power efficient chipset: OK. Only that its Xiaomi again but I will try.

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        • Justaguy
        • x{6
        • 18 May 2024

        I bought this phone like three days ago and it's secondhanded but it's in good condition (now we fixed some problems) and I can tell you we bought this for 4.5k pesos which is about 90+ dollars and 90+ dollars for a snapdragon 780g? That's a steal! Also I like Xiaomi's Software so its the first phone I've treasured in all my life.

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          • Kargaral
          • 3y8
          • 23 Apr 2024

          Can you tell how many versions of RAM/Storage Global version has?

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            • sev
            • vaS
            • 20 Apr 2024

            Teo, 26 Mar 2024Yesterday 25.03.2025 came Update for Mi 11 Lite 5G Android ... morethats for lisa not renoir

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              • Anonymous
              • JH9
              • 11 Apr 2024

              I found Mi 11 Lite 5G refurbished in my country for 140€. For sd 780g it's a steal

                I'm using the Chinese version and it's quite unfortunate no update yet. Current version is miui 14.0.12

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                  • Kazzonline 5G
                  • XBA
                  • 31 Mar 2024

                  Pawel, 30 Mar 2024There is an update to Android 14 (HyperOS)Did it come with Android 14?
                  Also can you confirm mi 11 lite 5G and not the NE

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                    • Pawel
                    • arU
                    • 30 Mar 2024

                    There is an update to Android 14 (HyperOS)

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                      • Teo
                      • 6tB
                      • 26 Mar 2024

                      Gnusmas, 17 Mar 2024reached EOL by Xiaomi, Android 13 is last Android update fo... moreYesterday 25.03.2025 came Update for Mi 11 Lite 5G Android 14 Base Xiaomi HyperOs. Three big MajorUpdate. Respect for Xiaomi Company keep more than promises ;)

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                        • Gnusmas
                        • nrN
                        • 17 Mar 2024

                        reached EOL by Xiaomi, Android 13 is last Android update for it. What a shame, only 2 Android updates.

                          Doesn't support hyper os for mine

                            my decision on buying this phone vs Real me wayback 2021 came from one of the comments here on your forum. my personal experience is that this unit really had issues with black crash, power button (needs replacing), very sensitive cpu/motherboard. its already my 2nd time buying a motherboard, and its really frustrating to go through the same process of waiting for unlocking the bootloader wc takes 7 days, before you can flash an EU or Global ROM. xiaomi is the only one who have this kinda *exclusive process that takes 7 days lol, we just wanted to flash our phone to our preferred ROM and use it as is.

                            also the info here vs Mi 11 Lite 5G NE is confusing, no white color here while on the other there is but my unit is MK2101K9G. was wondering since 780G had a lot of issues, will 778 be a better motherboard replacement this time? please help me decide. tia.

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                              • Bogbeast
                              • n1p
                              • 19 Nov 2023

                              Serious issue with power button failure in less than 6 months. It's a common issue would not recommend

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                                • anon
                                • sEB
                                • 03 Nov 2023

                                which is better between mi 11 lite 5g or mi 11 lite 5g ne?

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                                  • anon
                                  • pku
                                  • 07 Oct 2023

                                  The phone is good. I managed to get it at a discount. It heated up at the start but not so much now. I have it for 1 year already. One thing tho. The cable from the charger became weak and i had to put it back together as it opened up and revealed the inside. Charging is decently fast and battery is good.
                                  Should i buy a new charger?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • n79
                                    • 04 Oct 2023

                                    Anonymous, 26 Sep 2023Did they replace the phone under warranty? The main board ... moreAlso having issues with charging port. Use to love the phone, now I can only slow charge

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uw1
                                      • 26 Sep 2023

                                      Anonymous, 27 Jul 2023Bricked one day suddenly. went to sleep and cannot be turne... moreDid they replace the phone under warranty?
                                      The main board burned out while charging, 1 month left on the warranty. They say the part is not available. It's been escalated, waiting for reply.

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                                        • Skalmandril
                                        • psc
                                        • 26 Sep 2023

                                        I have been using this phone for the last two months and I must say it is brilliant. Plenty fast, photos are acceptable and it is really light.
                                        I bought it used for 160$ and it was a bargain.