Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

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  • 03 Sep 2023

CamoGeko-XDA, 18 Sep 2022Hi, not sure if you figured it out yet but it's the Ni... moreIs it still worth it to get this phone today on Aliexpress?

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    • UDN
    • 03 Sep 2023

    Is it worth it to get this phone this month in Aliexpress??

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      • XXX
      • 64i
      • 17 Aug 2023

      My view after two full years. This is the first phone that survived two years in my hands without breaking or "losing". A minor glitch with the Type C input was quickly fixed ($20). Still good performance in everything that is important. The battery is still controversial, as is the occasional heat... But on the other hand, the efficiency with Bluetooth and Portable hotspot mode is respectable... :)

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        • techepiphany
        • M8r
        • 09 Aug 2023

        worst phone I've owned in a long time

        - terrible battery life
        - gets hot
        - not that bright

          Tech.A, 06 Aug 2023What is the battery autonomy on playing games like Call.of ... moreit aint good as you will have a 3rd degree burn on your fingers before you get to 80% battery

            What is the battery autonomy on playing games like Call.of duty mobile, mobile data (whatsapp, Facebook, messenger).

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              • eli
              • Hxv
              • 28 Jul 2023

              Android can be upgraded to 13 and MIUI to 14 (as of mid-2023)

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                • 7pF
                • 27 Jul 2023

                Bricked one day suddenly. went to sleep and cannot be turned on. forced restart once OK. then never came back. 10months in. Requiring Warranty replacement.

                  jowie, 18 Dec 20221 year use side mouthed sensor suddenly fail. the setting a... more+1 for that, exactly the same thing I'm experiencing.

                    Anonymous, 02 May 2023Have the phone since 1,5 years. It is super good, good valu... morei hope your power button will not die like mine did

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                      • Jxy
                      • 02 May 2023

                      Have the phone since 1,5 years. It is super good, good value for this cheap price. But I had also this issue with the finger print. I use it now just without the finger print and it works fine.

                        BMHater12, 16 Feb 2023Chip shortage is finally over, when is Xiaomi going to brin... more780G is fabbed by Samsung and it was launched in the same period as the 888, we all know how bad the 888 was. That's why Qualcomm went to TSMC and created the 778G. I don't think neither Xiaomi nor Qualcomm have any interest to bring back the 780G. After all, we now have the TSMC-fabbed 782G.

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                          • mS6
                          • 14 Apr 2023

                          Still have problems with the battery life. 90% of the battery is drained by the wifi. Does anybody else have the same?

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                            • Dan 17
                            • j2e
                            • 09 Apr 2023

                            I'm using this phone since December. I can only say that the phone has great specs and features but poor build quality. Since December I already replaced its fingerprint sensor and now the sim card is undetected so it really gave me a headache, plus to the fact that I'm using this for just four months is really a waste of money.

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                              • Dhi
                              • 04 Mar 2023

                              had this phone pretty much since it was released and i never had any issue with it, it still runs very well, battery life yes might be not that good but you can switch from 90hz to 60hz and it'll be much better.

                                Chip shortage is finally over, when is Xiaomi going to bring back this phone alongside the 780G?

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                                  • vukasin
                                  • JKU
                                  • 12 Feb 2023

                                  Got new Android 13 with Miui 14
                                  It seems battery life has improved with it

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                                    • Mahad
                                    • 8xP
                                    • 07 Feb 2023

                                    Had this phone for over a year and it is what it is, completely worthy the price. No problem with the fingerprint or anything, the battery life sucks, sometimes I have to charge the phone twice a day and I don't use it for gaming.

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                                      • 04R
                                      • 21 Jan 2023

                                      Have this phone for 1.5 year, didn't had any problems with it. I saw some comments about the finger print but i use it will the time and never had a problem. The battery life is decent, could be better, but we should take the fact that this is a light weight phone and the battery capacity is smaller. It is very fast and very very rarely glitches.

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                                        • Ninja rajput
                                        • fCA
                                        • 15 Jan 2023

                                        Fingerprint missing