Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite rounds up more certificates ahead of imminent launch

Yordan, 09 February 2021

Xiaomi introduced the Mi 11 flagship to the world yesterday, and its Lite sibling will seemingly follow very soon. A device with the model number M2101K9AG and the product name “Mi 11 Lite” has been certified by the Bluetooth SIG, as well as by SIRIM - the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite on Bluetooth SIG website
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite on Bluetooth SIG website

The listings only reveal the new phone will have MIUI 12 and Bluetooth 5.2, as well as support for two SIM cards. Malaysia’s certification also tells us all the GSM and LTE frequencies that the Mi 11 Lite will work on, but nothing on 5G. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the new phone will skip on the next-gen connectivity - the Pacific country does not have 5G networks yet and has postponed implementing 2022.

Xiaomi M2102K9AG on SIRIM
Xiaomi M2102K9AG on SIRIM

So far, we’ve heard conflicting rumors - some say the Mi 11 Lite won’t have a periscope lens, while other rumors point to a “5x camera”. Both could well be true if we get the telephoto sensor from the Mi Note 10.

There are also uncertainties around the chipset - it could be a yet unreleased Snapdragon 755G, but it could also be the non-5G Snapdragon 732G.



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Not available where i live. And if i get one from AliExpress; it'll cross 600$ point. Neither a chinese Rom

both support 33w wire chargibg

Basiclly,two version of Mi11 Lite M2101K9A,the 4G version with Sd732G M2101K9,the 5G version with unreleased SM7350 chip The Chinese version of M2101K9,called M2101K9C(C mean China) have a 5 times telephoto lens,but I am not sure will glo...

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