Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

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Sad the new trend is to kill the memory card slot! At least Sony and LG are not doing this.

  • Rajeev

Hope all the leaks b true..then its owsm.

  • Bliptized

That camera is Massive

  • lukemo

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021this is NOT NEW MOVEMENT @ ALL😐 this movement ITS VERY OLD... moreAnd there is also Vivo's Nex 2 implementation!

  • AnonD-922835


Yuri84, 12 Feb 2021With 128gb minimum I don't see a need for microsd slot... more128 gb full while making 8k video of at least 20 min😅

it's look amazing 😊.

  • Anonymous

the camera part is getting bigger and thicker

  • MH Shakil

Unbelievable! Xiaomi now target premium market.. And may be thay can catch the market cuz mi11 ultra have no competitor💥

When will this selfie hole finally be destroyed ???????????! The selfie hole is really annoying to watch Netflix and gaming.

  • Bongo

What's up with the small screen on the camera module?

  • depe

just wow about the inovation

  • Anonymous

that looks cool

  • Saeed

It's better than Note 7 pro

zxeno, 12 Feb 2021Oof, still no 3.5mm jack and sd card slotWith 128gb minimum I don't see a need for microsd slot any more. But I completely agree about 3.5mm jack - it doesn't have any decent alternative.

If it only had a 3.5mm jack...

  • JeffSF

Very clever the selfie screen...they save cost by removing the commonly mediocre selfie cam and focus on image quality.

  • Anonymous

still no 3.5mm jack and sd card slot, thanks but not buy ..next....

This is going to be literally "Big Chungus": The phone

XiaomiSamsungHuawei, 12 Feb 2021Wait what is that screen at the camera module this is for making selfies with the main cam: bigger sensor -> better quality.
standard selfie camera could be used for video chats and from tiktok artists :-D