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  • Kurnia

Neutrogena, 21 hours agoXiaomi Mi 11i or Samsung Galaxy S20 FE?Go for the MI11i.

  • Neutrogena

Xiaomi Mi 11i or Samsung Galaxy S20 FE?

I buy poco F3 and i have overheating problem (easy up to 55° in COD or PUBG) and very fast during battery, i want to see this phone have too?
I update form MIUI 12.5.2 to 12.5.4 enhance but not deferent, and i have no time for this phone and want to buy new

Jim, 01 Sep 2021Hi guys. I have a question. Forgive me if is stupid, but i ... moreAs far as I know the Mi11i MZB08BO does not exist

  • Jim

Hi guys. I have a question. Forgive me if is stupid, but i want to ask. I am from Greece. I want to buy that phone on global rom and i find it available in two options. Mi11i MZB08BO and Mi11i M2012K11G. Are there specific differences between the two models or it's just a part number which plays no role? Thanks before

this mi11i ranked 7th in Antutu.


Anonymous, 20 Jul 2021Mi 11i or Mi 10sAssuming that they’re the same price: the Mi 10s. Especially if you want a decent camera, as the Mi 10s has OIS for the main camera, and a higher res ultrawide even if it’s of a smaller aperture (f/2.4 rather than f/2.2) so ultrawide night pictures and videos won’t be as good. Any other differences will be unnoticeable.

Martin Ivanov, 25 Jul 2021I just bought this phone because my Pixel 4's battery ... moreWhat carrier do you use? My carrier has a limited selection of devices, and none of them are any good. If it’s in my country I’ll switch

Mafu23, 19 Aug 2021Well, I had an LG in my life it was medium or low range I t... moreLG doesn't make smartphones now so you don't have to consider them anymore

NeonHD, 31 Jul 2021Not sure about LG's latest screens, but my LG V30 stil... moreWell, I had an LG in my life it was medium or low range I think but it did not leave me a good feeling that phone froze 99% of the time and to navigate it was as slow as possible if I have to admit that that was a long time ago I mean technology I was not so advanced but I never looked at LG on cell phones anymore

iliast, 12 Aug 2021...and no radio...Radio in a cel for me is not decisive or important

Hello guys I have the mi 11i of 8gb 256 and the already you know 888 and this cel if I work in network of t mobile in USA much better than the realme gt that I have the Xiaomi 11i is a machine and it is super fast the screen is very good for me colors as exact as possible a fast charge of 33w Xiaomi must raise that load already by competition and in everything the others is the best of the best very good ufff cameras lasts me a whole day

  • iliast

Anonymous, 23 May 2021No SD card No audio jack Poor battery life ...and no radio...

  • Kurnia

Markus Holovik, 05 Mar 2021Thinking of buying this phone using mi 11 for a month and t... moreMe too using mi11 and i lovd this phone. I use F3 as my second phone but maybe i will give it to my dad and buy this one for me.

Atnym, 30 Jul 2021Amoled & lcd from lg produce much better color than Sam... moreNot sure about LG's latest screens, but my LG V30 still has the blue shift issue and the color accuracy is a bit off.

  • 4RedPanda

I've watched many reviews. As internals (body, heating dissipator, screen) are the same as F3 these smartphones are ideal for comparison of throttling and performance. 888 heats up to 40% more than 870, decreases screen brightness much more agressively, making real (throttling included) performance nearly the same, but battery life is still slightly less in Mi11i. My conclusions here are that Snapdragon 888 is quite a failure and it can't be a selling point of any smartphone as SD865/SD870 perform better in real life.

Also cameras are the same in photos, especially daylight. Video capturing is a bit better on Mi11i as there's HDR video feature and 4k 60fps is available, unlike F3.

  • Atnym

NeonHD, 29 Apr 2021While I still think AMOLED is the way to go, I definitely a... moreAmoled & lcd from lg produce much better color than Samsung's over saturated amoled panels. They need some color calibration.

  • Rui

Dunte, 31 May 2021why would you prefer LCD over Amoled?My eyes chose lcd over amoled. Search about pwm

I just bought this phone because my Pixel 4's battery died. Here are some initial observations:
1. The device is blazing fast! SD888+12Hz is an amazing experience. I've had no lags or similar issues and apps & games are running great!
2. The display is amazing! As I mentioned I switched from the Pixel 4 and its display has amazing reviews. But considering the contrast and sharpness, I think the Mi 11i has a far superior panel. It's amazing considering the resolution is the same and the size difference is that big, the bigger phone's display is sharper looking.
3. MIUI got a lot better. I used to have a Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8T and Mi Mix 3 from Xiaomi. They were all great phones for the price but I flashed Pixel Experience or Lineage OS on all of them due to the bloatware and general sloppyness of MIUI. Now I don't feel the need to flash a custom ROM. I used to have Bluetooth issues, I use wireless headphones and earbuds all the time and they used to disconnect or fail to connect fairly frequently. Now I have no such problems. I also used to have notification issues, the phones I mentioned above skipped some notifications but no such issues now. Bloatware is also cut down. MIUI let me uninstall or disable all unneeded apps and the OS feels relatively clean.
4. Battery life is really good. I use my phone with two sim cards on stand-by, using one for calls and one for data. I work from home so Wi-Fi is always on. I am constantly connected to my wireless headphones or earbuds. When I'm out and about I listen to music via Tidal Master and read articles/scroll social media constantly. I must say, for my use this is nearly a 2 day phone. My Mate 30 Pro definitely had better battery life but I'm still impressed with the device. Charging is also really fast. I'm not picky in terms of charge speed, I've always found 18-25W to be quick enough but filling up for less that an hour is a great bonus. I carry my charger around and charge via my Pixel brick (18W) at home to preserve my battery health.
5. Cameras are average. Since my last 2 phones were the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Pixel 4, I have a pretty high bar set for a good camera. Anyone coming from a mid-range device or an old flagship will be satisfied. The main camera which is most important for me is amazing in good light, low light is okay but nothing more. The Macro lens is also usable which is awesome. The ultrawide is okay but definitely far from the best, even compared to mid-range devices. Overall I am satisfied.
5. The price was right. I got this phone from a mobile carrier and I got a great deal with unlimited data on 5G. I am financing it so it's a bit more expensive but the price was around 470 USD. If I paid cash it would have been even cheaper. For some reason the Poco F3 was more expensive at my carrier. I wanted to get the vanilla Mi 11 due to the 1B color display but they didn't have it in stock and I couldn't wait due to the necessity of the purchase.

All in all I am very satisfied by this phone. I decided to give Xiaomi another chance and I am glad to say they went in the right direction. This is definitely the best phone I've had so far and the cheapest flagship I've bought. Yes, I said flagship. The only thing I'll miss is the IP68 rating but nonetheless, I don't trust it that much. I also haven't noticed a difference in Gorilla Glass tech, all my phones scratch the same. A friend of mine has the Note 20 Ultra with the Victus and it also scratches all the same as Gorilla Glass 1-6.
My take is, definitely get this phone if you can't get the vanilla Mi 11. You will be satisfied!

  • 4RedPanda

Godzilla, 13 Jul 2021Lol then why is the one premium and the other one Midrange ... moreAs I said, 10% difference in benchmarks between SD870 and SD888 is not something that bridges premium from "a bit less than premium" especially when you also get extra overheating and less battery life with that.