Xiaomi Mi 2

Xiaomi Mi 2

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  • richas

I want to check my block list sp from where o can check it pls help...

  • Dave

It's got full SIM

  • bode black

Kau_shik , 29 Mar 2015I have purchased my phone in 24 MARCH phone is getting heatnice style .nice display n better camera but hot phone

  • Oronno

raghu, 10 May 2015recently i have purchased xiomi mi2 phone. i have incerted the s... moreGo to contacts, press on the option menu then click on contacts to display>Show all contacts.

  • raghu

recently i have purchased xiomi mi2 phone. i have incerted the sims which i am using. but i could get the
contact numbers in the xiomi mi2. the new phone was not
showing the contact names and numbers which are there for the past 10 years in my sim. kindly advice in this regard.

  • kar

I need full white colour for red MI2.It has frend side block panel and back side white..I want full white or full blue (except block)like samsung galaxi s6

  • vinayasher

sibi christy, 13 Apr 2015does red mi 2 supports tamil language...someone pls ans meNo it doesn't support regional languages not only that its own sync app shows only Chinese fonts

  • sibi christy

does red mi 2 supports tamil language...someone pls ans me

  • pbr

Hi guys I received damaged piece can get replace for this

  • ashu

phone is getting heat, when i use in internet & play game. otherwise it is best

  • Kau_shik

I have purchased my phone in 24 MARCH phone is getting

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2013does the phone work with dutch providers It works fine with t-mobile, even 4g/lte works fine.

  • sumit

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2014hi...a quick question...did you use this phone...i mean u were s... moreyes it is great phone

  • zubair

I Bought display and touch from this seller and it is nice

  • su

Dear, I bought this phone and it was work well.Now the touch screen has some problem and I need to buy the new touch screen.Please help and send the details of online buy.thanks sumith.(micro@gmail.com)

  • AnonD-339042

so far i love this gadget i hope maybe later miui get a mobile phone wateresistan same with samsunv or sony experia z1

  • AnonD-339042

jagath, 21 Jul 2014How we set up google account to sync.. contact and photos what i... moredownload gapps mr

  • the great

just find in youtube.. u will get solution 100%

  • Anonymous

Dim, 26 Sep 2014No! WIND MOBILE and Mobilicity in Canada works on the frequency ... moreHow about Telus Mobility, Rogers or Bell Canada; Can they Adapt or utelize what is available onto the given menu frequency for the Xiaomi mi2? I have'nt been to Toronto for
about 10years so no where I may near our type of mobile communication techknology
development to date.

  • 620082819

my redmi 1s is screen locked how to open it please tell me