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  • bill

I can't understand what is intrnal/global ROM?? I am not tech guy...i am unable to undrstand?? :/

  • AnonD-534186

I used Mi4c 3/32 for 2 month, using ROM CHINA. It's satisfied, great battery, no lag.

  • mike

Bought 3/32 version directly from China and put CM13 on it. Everything works beautifully. No lag, great display, great camera, great battery, very light. The white version reminds me of Lumia phones. Cyanogenmod is the way to go. Just search Team Superluminal on the net. Cheers

  • AnonD-533368

Absolutely love Xiaomi Mi4c phone. Ditched a Sony M4 Aqua due to numerous problems, now I can't even sell that piece of garbage.
Mi4C is fast, the battery is superb, the camera is absolutely AMAZING. I bought the 32GB version and there are no regrets. I'm not buying any other phone - tried HTC, Lenovo, Sony - but Mi4c is the best one by far.

  • AnonD-530572

AnonD-531735, 29 Apr 2016Right out the box, with 'seller international rom', battery... morehow much screen on time you got

  • AnonD-531735

AnonD-530572, 26 Apr 2016tell me about battery bro. can handle 1x charge for one day... moreRight out the box, with 'seller international rom', battery was very bad. After flashing with official rom, battery is good. I read other people's reviews on battery performance using xiaomi.eu rom's are also positive.
4c hardware specs are relatively better, or at least newer than 4i, but 4c have no official global rom yet.

  • AnonD-531735

AnonD-528970, 21 Apr 2016Exactly, you can download roms multilanguage in Xiaomi.eu. ... moreThere's no 'official global' rom for 4c, not yet at least.
However, there are several ways so you can have multi language in your 4c, including google services, etc. Using 'unofficial rom' from Xiomi.eu is one of them. But you have to dig a little bit more on how to use that rom and to install google services. Or you can just use that 'seller installed international rom (multi language with google services)', with the risk of malware and no (official) updates.

i'm using 4c, with the latest china official rom, english, manually installed google services.

  • AnonD-459601

Can you make Video on Smule karaoke apps with this phone ?? Please answer me whoever use this phone, I really want to know. And I really appreciated. Thanks.

  • AnonD-530572

tell me about battery bro. can handle 1x charge for one day ? how much Screen on time you get with active internet and sim card.
mi4c vs mi4i how be best ?

  • AnonD-530410

AnonD-3570, 30 Jan 2016thank you :) well, I am not considering the 4G for now (as... morehi KA, just wondering, you already had the mi4? can you share the store where you buy the device?

  • AnonD-528970

Gershy13, 17 Mar 2016It can do 4k video btw... maybe with an update...You can use the camera in 4k with other apks, Google Camera, Cinema FV5..

  • AnonD-528970

asousa, 19 Apr 2016To Sir x , sorry you are absolutely wrong, yes global rom f... moreExactly, you can download roms multilanguage in Xiaomi.eu. Im from Argentina and I have in Spanish.

  • duncan

AnonD-222595, 29 Mar 2016Do the navigational buttons have backlight?Yes,

  • asousa

To Sir x , sorry you are absolutely wrong, yes global rom for mi4c, and multilanguage...i use this!!!

  • sir x

To danny, sory youre absolutely wrong, no global rom for mi4c, hohoho

  • DannyD

AnonD-321840, 12 Apr 2016this phone is only for china there is no global rom . n... moreYou sir are so very wrong... There ARE global roms for these mobiles.

  • AnonD-321840

this phone is only for china

there is no global rom .
no language support.

if you use just English , no problem

  • Xiaomi user

Hulk, 20 Feb 2016Hi friends,in mi 4c how much free storage available in 32gb... more26gb free & 90mins

  • Anonymous

1) Good phone except for the quality of the glass. It can crack/ break even under the slightest pressure/ impact. 2)Not unless you get another dark color for the cover but if its white, at some point, the with back cover turns yellowish due to normal heating of the phone while in use. Basically, a good phone in terms of software but has some very poor exterior hardware features.

  • AnonD-506302

after several month using mi4c is there any problem when using this phone ??