Xiaomi Mi 4i review: Hands down

Hands down

GSMArena team, 10 June 2015.

Unboxing the Xiaomi Mi 4i

The standard retail box of the Xiaomi Mi 4i doesn't offer anything beyond the bare essentials. You get an A/C adapter and a USB cable, leaving the choice of headset to you.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
The retail package

The guys at Honorbuy.com are sugaring the deal with a number of freebies, including a car charger, a compact capacitive stylus and a silicone bumper case if you order from them.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
The extra accessories courtesy of Honorbuy.com

Xiaomi Mi 4i 360-degree view

Both Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 4i are built around the same 5" 1080p display, but the choice of materials is what made the difference. The Mi 4i stands at 138.1 x 69.6 x 7.8mm and weighs 130g, which is a millimeter thinner and 20g lighter than its dual-glass sibling.

Design and build quality

Xiaomi did its best with the Mi 4 combining curved glass with metal. The Mi 4i didn't qualify for the same premium treatment and got polycarbonate instead. But it works admirably for the Mi 4i, allowing it to be affordable without looking cheap.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
Xiaomi Mi 4i

The black and white combination used on the panels of Xiaomi Mi 4i works nice. The white rear cover somewhat reminds of the Mi 4, but is as good as smudge-proof and the matte finish provides excellent grip. Our only concern is that it might get colored if you put it in your jeans pockets as similar white polycarbonate bodies have shown in the past.

The front glass is of unknown origin, all Xiaomi says is the phone uses Cornign OGS solution, but it's not Gorilla glass. It seems an extra screen protector would be a wise buy if you don't want to risk scratching your screen.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
The front of the Mi 4i

5-inchers are commonly regarded as the limit for compactness and pocketability but the Mi 4i is thin enough and so light it doesn't have to worry about those things. Handling the Xiaomi Mi 4i is a pleasure, its matte polycarbonate body is soft and pleasant, while the 5" display can be operated with just one hand for most tasks.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
Handling the Xiaomi Mi 4i

Yes, we like what Xiaomi did with the Mi 4i - in fact some of its aspects are better than the original Mi 4. Designed for affordable, the choice of materials is spot on and the phone doesn't feel cheap at all.


The set of controls on the Xiaomi Mi 4i is pretty standard. Above the display, next to the earpiece, is the 5MP selfie cam alongside a couple of sensors. The front-facer is one of the downgrades from the flagship, which boasted an 8MP selfie camera.

Below the screen we find the traditional capacitive set of Task Switcher, Home and Back keys. The trio has white backlighting, which serves it well in the dark.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
A peek above and below the screen

The left side of the Mi 4i has the dual-SIM tray, ejectable with a small pin. Unfortunately, you can't opt for a microSD card instead of the extra SIM, a solution other makers are offering lately.

The right side features the glossy silver volume rocker and a Power/Lock key.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
The left and right sides of the Xiaomi Mi 4i

The 3.5mm audio port is on top of the Mi 4i, while the primary microphone and the microUSB port are at the bottom.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
The audio port is at the top, the USB port - at the bottom

Finally, the 13MP rear camera is at the back, accompanied by a dual-LED dual-tone flash. The original Mi 4 came with a single-LED flash, so the Mi 4i is slightly better equipped for low-light photography.

The loudspeaker grille is also at the back, towards the bottom.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i
The back of the Xiaomi Mi 4i

The rear panel of the Xiaomi Mi 4i isn't removable, which means you can't access the battery and swap it on the go.

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  • Anonymous

I have mi4i phone but this battery is not colluity

  • Dhivyananatham

Sim4G on only 3G than OK

  • Ayushthapa

I have purcharsed in 1 month mi4i is heating fast and storage also low and battery drain fast aren't able to play pubg mobile