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  • Anonymous

Battery life is not too good. Heat up a lot for heavy apps such as Ig and Yt. Not recommended for gaming. Average temp is 40 - 50 C°.
Running MIUI 9 scored 67 k on antutu go?
Dropped it few times still no cracks.

  • 4I (2015)

Finally Found One Pretty Okay Battery Backup Custom Rom Still Felt Not The Top Yet, Running Nougat, Gaming Performance Should Be Great I Guess!

  • 4I (2015)

Experience With This Device Is Pretty Okay! Using Stock MIUI 6! Benchmark Test: 33K Low-End In 2019 But Release As A Mid-Range In 2015. Running Flawlessly But Gaming PUBG Will Lag & Heat Abit As The Chipset Is Snapdragon 615! Other Games Not Tested Yet!

  • 4I (2015)

Use Official Rom Miui 6 & 7 (Global or China) For Better Battery. Test Most Of The Custom Rom Drain A Lot Juices Out Of My Device, Hence's For This Device I Stop Using Custom Rom & Back To Stock Feels Much Better In Battery Life.... Don't Use (Miui 8 Or 9) Battery Drainer! In 2019 I Am Still Running Android Lollipop 5.0.2 :D (People May Say Lack Of Support Who Cares). Old Is Gold!

  • 4I (2015)

After Install Custom Rom On It, Very Snappy As For Battery Life I Can Only Say Okay For 3120mAH, Only If It Had 5120mAH.

  • 4I (2015)

Bought This & Replace New Battery. Miui 9 Seem Buggy..........

  • kkk

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2017i hav problem with this ohone.. i hav bought it frm olx. .... morereplace battery!!!

  • Hasim Razvi

Ms, 25 Mar 2018Does that custom roam gives you VoLTE feature?No bro.. U can use 4g for internet but this phone doesn't have volte support

Der, 25 Mar 2018This phone sucks. Mic and audio suddenly not working after ... moreDo a factory reset and see if it solves the problem

  • Joyjoy

Can u pls help me, my bg got this phone but he can't find we're is the balance inquire of this phone pls help ASAP. Thanks

  • Alireza

This phone is very good compare it's price. but update 9.2.2 is sucks.

  • AnonD-738544

Der, 25 Mar 2018This phone sucks. Mic and audio suddenly not working after ... moreIn case you still haven't solved your problem, try flashing an older version of MIUI and see if that solves the problem. You can then try the latest version if all is okay. Make sure to back up your data to multiple places. It will likely be a little niggle solvable with the classic "have you tried turning it off and on again!" Best of luck.

  • Der

This phone sucks. Mic and audio suddenly not working after 9.2 update. The moderators in the xiaomi forum cant even help me fix the issue

  • Ms

zeeshaan, 14 Dec 2017it is coming soon in january but sadly after that there wil... moreDoes that custom roam gives you VoLTE feature?

  • AnonD-738544

Zero, 28 Feb 2018Even with new update it still overheats a loot. Im done wai... moreI'd suggest the explanation that your uses are different from mine. I gave up on playing demanding games (though this is probably due more to the poor quality of Play Store games than the poor thermal design of the Mi4i and its components) and using the camera a lot early on. For me, just browsing the internet, watching films and making calls caused no problems and the device hadn't overheated in over two years.

Thanks to my early encounter with overheating it's safe to say that I became very careful and made a special effort to avoid letting the device overheat. I think in your case you're a lot more demanding than I was. Needless to say, I don't blame you for getting a new phone, considering the Mi4i's aged hardware and software.

The difference between the Mi4i and my new phone, the Mi Mix 2, was night and day, by the way. Since using the Mi Mix 2, having gone back to a flagship level phone, I somewhat regret buying a mid tier one with the Mi4i. (iPhone 4 > HTC One M7 > Mi4i > Mi Mix 2).

  • Rumi

Had this phone for almost 2 years now.
Reeeeeaaaallly good phone! Not excellent, but good phone.
Dropped it a lot of times but still is solid. You will like this fone if you're on the social media(fb,youtube et al)side.
Camera is decent, both from and back. Button are still in pristine condition.iu is good. Still hasnt updated it for like a year now. But the bad side is..... (Sighs)
Always overheats fast! Specially when i play games.
Memory is getting low. No external sd slot.would really help if it has on. Battery performance has been falling gradually. Charging time is getting longer. Oh, did i mention it overheats really fat during playing games? Hahah. Played happy chick (psp games) and its really laggy. But overall. Still a good fone for its price. Youre buying more than what you paid for.

  • Zero

AnonD-738544, 18 Feb 2018Hey! I've had the Mi4i for about 2 and a half years, hav... moreEven with new update it still overheats a loot. Im done waiting for a fix. This phone is history...

  • AnonD-738544


I've had the Mi4i for about 2 and a half years, having purchased it online and used it in the UK. Out of the box, it was a pretty handset and the UI was smooth. The camera was average and at that point, the only reservation I had were the reports of overheating and the lacklustre storage capacity: realistically, only around 9GB.

Once I started downloading apps and games, the very real threat of overheating became apparent, so much so, that on a long car journey during which I used Spotify, Google Maps navigation with bluetooth on and the screen on maximum brightness, my handset overheated, switched off automatically as a precautionary measure and wouldn't restart until it had cooled down. There seemed to be no damage to the internals, except for a mosaic of green pixels now visible across the entire screen whenever a solid, dark colour is displayed.

Ever since then, updates to the handset have ensured the phone does not overheat. The updates themselves have been decent and fairly frequent, all things considered. I remember one update made UI navigation very, very choppy, to the extent that it rendered the phone unusable. Fortunately, downgrading the MIUI version is very easy. Respect for Xiaomi for bothering to release updates for these old phones, by the way!

Today, the phone functions reasonably well; it's a perfectly serviceable Android phone. Sadly, the Lollipop Android is now becoming outdated for my uses, with a number of applications unavailable to me and certain applications have become slower and slower. Concrete examples include MIUI's Second Space being practically unusable and how on some web pages, browsers slow to a crawl very frequently.

An issue perhaps only relevant to my phone, thanks to the previously mentioned damaged screen, are ghost touches and other screen-related glitches. They occur very frequently and are remedied with a reboot. I put this down to my handset, however, and I doubt this is symptomatic of all Mi4is.

You want to buy this phone in 2018? Here are some positive aspects.

I find the look of the phone charming. Moreso with the Mi4c thanks to its colours (it has better specs, by the way). There's something quaint about having a plain white plastic case with a large black screen. The pastel colours of the Mi4c would look even better. This was actually a criterion of mine when I first purchased this phone. At the time, I had gone into a shop and handled the iPhone 5c. I preferred its simple plastic build, when compared to the fancy metal one of my HTC, or the glass and metal of other iPhones. Perhaps the only reason I turned away from iPhone was the daunting price tag, considering its specs and features. I think I made the right choice.

In the past 6 months, I've been using the Mi4i without a case and the slippery nature of the build has resulted in me dropping it... a lot... on concrete, tiles, wooden floors etc. There may be chips and scratches on my phone now, but functionally, there has been no change and at the very worst, the sim tray releases, so all you have to do is push it back in and you're good to go.

Sticking with the plastic build, I haven't carried out tests for this, so it may be at best anecdotal evidence, but I find my wireless reception outperforms other handsets in my household, namely the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Xiaomi Mi5.

The very latest update (rolled out only 2 weeks ago in my case) has been a good one, bringing features present on much newer phones to this tired, old one. Unless you fancy playing around with other versions of Android, you'll be stuck with Lollipop, though MIUI does make that a little less painful.

Should you buy it? Unless you pick it up for very cheap with a clean screen, don't bother. There are far more compelling purchases available. If you like the aesthetics of this phone, go for a Xiaomi Mi4c. In fact, when I was first thinking of replacing my Mi4i, I looked for the Mi4c, but couldn't find it at reputable vendors for a good price. If you're not interested in these criteria, you should look elsewhere.

It was a nice, cheap handset aimed at a market entirely different to my own. It resonated with me and in some respects, I'll be sad to see it go. From now on, it will sit in its box on top of my wardrobe and wait until it will be called upon, its function now a spare phone.

  • Pit

Last update very good. Phone working very well.

  • Gurrag

Third class product, phone hangs, UI stops suddenly, camera stops suddenly, phone reboots ig you start net and other some application/ talking