Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2018mi 4i support volt ya not no

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2018mi 4i support volt ya not Yes

  • Anonymous

mi 4i support volt ya not

  • Lim

Mi 4i can upgrade to MIUI 9 now.

  • Red Remo

This device is awesome and in good condition but I am facing hanging issue and battery issue also
for ex; my device charge is 75% , now I restart the device means now the device charge shows that below 30% ....

  • Red Remo

No updates coming

  • zeeshaan

Abbas, 03 Dec 2017hi when MIUI 9 will it be released?it is coming soon in january but sadly after that there will be no updates for mi4i . xiaomi has officially stopped te updates for mi4i. performance is still not that great on miui9 so i use a custom rom running on nougat. THATS PRETTY FAST BUT ONLY THING I MISS ON THAT ROM IS CAMERA.

  • Anonymous

is it support 4G?

  • Abbas

when MIUI 9 will it be released?

  • AnonD-683076

EdJames, 07 Nov 2017i'm using xiaomi4i, is it okay if i update to MIUI 8? i nee... morefor me, miui 8 is working well, no issues at all on my 4i.

  • EdJames

i'm using xiaomi4i, is it okay if i update to MIUI 8? i need some opinions.

  • AnonD-683076

i got the Mi 4i for about 3 months now. Its a Solid entry level phone. Battrey is good for me. i last 1 day with moderate social media Usage (Whatsapp,Twitter,Pintrest). Screen resolution is also good for phone is also good for phone of this price. Phone Charges Fast. MIUI 8 is working well on this phone. i will def recommend if you are looking for entry level phone.

  • AnonD-712460

AnonD-712460, 02 Nov 2017Awesome device but in this website GDM shows that this devi... moresorry not gdm
its gsm arena

  • AnonD-712460

Awesome device but in this website GDM shows that this device supports volte and also direct video call but its not true i am using miui 9 beta so there is no update for miui 9 and also volte and Volte ....

  • arief

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2017i hav problem with this ohone.. i hav bought it frm olx. .... moretry to remove batt. the batt is too old.

  • AnonD-710106

my mi 4 front camera is not taking clear pics its picture quality goes worst in recent days

  • Scarlet

Such a waste of money. It is screen quality is so poor. If u drop it down may be by mistake. It's screen is gone. And everytime u send it for repair even in local shop. They will cost u more than 2k and if sent to mi stores. You can guess by yourself. Heating problem is thr. Memory problem is thr. U can't even insert a micro sd card. Never going to prefer this phone again

  • Anonymous

MNF, 19 Aug 2017on a scale of 1 to 10 , how would you recommend buyinG MI phonesMinus 10 because it is claimed that note 4 provides more features in less price but we know what actually is....

  • AnonD-704905

When iam calling ,it's touch my ears the call cut off

  • Anonymous

Dumpy , 03 Sep 2017This phone heating problem. When using banking apps face ... moreu r absolutely correct! it heats up when using chat apps and you tube