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  • vijay

redoy, 19 Jul 2015I'm using Mi4i for the last 2 weeks+; facing a problem; Viber &a... moregoto security app> permissions> permissions> messenger> (tick) display pop up window

  • arf

Anonymous, 17 Jul 201516 GB storage, no card slot ??? Really ?? Y not use some techn... moreIt have otg compatible , its a good one , so we don't need SD card anymore.

  • redoy

I'm using Mi4i for the last 2 weeks+; facing a problem; Viber & fb messenger notification not showing. Every time I have to click those 2 app only then i get the update incoming sms from contacts. Any advice from Mi4i extert ? otherwise g8 device : good battery, touch, camera etc.

  • Law

After update the phone issue happen with the battery drain fast after when fully charge the phone and leave it for next morning it drain 30 %of the battery life without play the phone. Please provide me some solution thx

  • Ajay

Please fix these issues in Xiaomi mi4i.

1. Imp : Voice hearing is very very low while speaking.Please fix this one.I am replacing new phone got just 2 days back.

2. set default ringtone : not able to browse songs from internal storage areas.

3.Google play store not connecting.

4.Internet connections breaks often.

  • keelee

About New update :
Battery draining fast due to cellular network (checked in battery usage / settings). Every 20 minutes 1% draining due to network.

  • Anonymous

best in mi4i

  • AnonD-418773

heating too much and battery issues seem fixed in update, only 1% battery drain when left idle for 3 hrs :) and educed heat and faster cooling

  • AnonD-418773

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2015my play store is not working from first day. each time i try to ... morechange setting in play store app to download over 3g not only wifi

  • AnonD-383690

I, and all would have buy this phone if it had 5.5" with 1080p resolution, memory card slot upto 32gb, and a price tag of 160$....

  • Anonymous

my play store is not working from first day. each time i try to download or update any app it asks for wifi inspite of having 3g connection. its irritating. apart from this all are fine

  • Glen

yudanaruto, 17 Jul 2015Same problem as mine. My mi4i have SERIOUS battery drain issues ... moreTo increase battery back up go to the Security option and out der click on Check below the some kinda meter ......... optimize the SYSTEM MEMMORY AND CACHE that are utilising the battery ............this surely helps to increase battery back up as it did for me to a great extent

  • keelee

New Update :
MIUI - Stable


Fix - Charging notification light did not work (05-21)

New - Added flash notification light for incoming calls (Call settings - Incoming call settings - Flash when ringing) (04-23)
Optimization - Optimized answering button icon of Internet calls (04-21)
Optimization - SIM card activation status is displayed more accurately (07-01)
Fix - Data might not be connected if only one SIM card was inserted (07-01)
Fix - FC error when only one SIM card was inserted (07-01)

Fix - Add contacts to blocklist function disappeared (04-22)
Fix - Sometimes, search contacts function could not be used (04-22)
Fix - FC error after checking SIM card storage (05-12)
Fix - Contacts app might not respond after logging out of Xiaomi account (05-12)
Fix - FC error caused by using single quotation marks when searching (05-21)
Fix - Lagging/ FC errors when importing or deleting SIM card contacts (05-27)

New - Report junk messages feature (05-13)
Optimization - Optimized SMS conversation page UI style (05-12)
Optimization - Optimized contacts' namecard UI in messages (05-13)
Optimization - MMS delivery status can be updated more quickly (05-28)
Fix - Contact info in SMS displayed incorrectly after switching language (04-14)
Fix - Deleting audio messages might cause FC error (04-14)
Fix - Contact info at the conversation page top left corner might overlap (04-14)
Fix - MMS that were not sent could not be resent (04-14)
Fix - Unsent SMS could not be sent automatically after Airplane mode was disabled (04-24)
Fix - UI display error when editing message recipient (05-13)
Fix - Mi Band 'Vibrate for notifications' feature did not work after receiving a MMS (05-20)
Fix - Messaging app would stop responding if there were too many receipts when sending group messages (05-20)
Fix - Sometimes Slideshow messages could not be sent (05-27)
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

New - Added hotspot icon in status bar when portable hotspot is enabled (05-19)
New - Added charging icon in status bar (05-19)
New - Support displaying virtual network operators' names (05-19)
New - Lockscreen music control (05-27)
New - Added unlocking gesture recognizing mechanism to avoid unlocking caused by misoperation (06-02)
Optimization - Launching speed of notifications managing page (05-27)
Fix - Sometimes, Gaussian Blur effect did not work when pulling down notification shade (05-12)
Fix - Sometimes, operator information displayed incorrectly for dual-SIM devices (05-12)
Fix - Sometimes Mi Band could not unlock screen (06-01)
Home screen

Fix - Icons disappeared when opening folders in Mi Space (04-16)
Fix - Home screen wallpaper was enlarged after OTA update (04-16)
Fix - Locking apps had error when entering Recents page for the first time (05-12)

Optimization - Timer is set to 5s by default (05-08)
Fix - Camera FC error sometimes (05-08)
Fix - Sometimes SD videos' previews were stretched (06-11)
Fix - Sometimes, HDR button displayed status incorrectly (06-11)

New - Sort music by name, date, and language in 'All songs', 'Offline', and 'Favorites' list (04-15)
Optimization - Added album names in music list (04-15)
Optimization - Album cover on playing page was set as small by default (04-15)
Fix - Volume would decrease if new songs were added to the current playing music list (04-15)
Fix - Lyric playing status was incorrect after skipping a song (04-15)
Fix - Listening to local music could choose streaming quality (04-15)
Fix - Part of playing page background was transparent (04-15)
Fix - Display error when entering playing page (04-15)

Fix - Sometimes, weather animations displayed abnormally (05-19)
Fix - Sometimes, city weather background was black (05-27)
Fix - Weather animation displayed incorrectly sometimes (05-27)
Fix - Sometimes raining animations did not change directions according to gravity sensor (06-02)
Fix - RAM leak caused by sharing weather conditions (06-02)

New - Added transition animation when connecting WiFi (05-21)
Optimization - Apps notification will not ring in Do not disturb mode (04-16)
Fix - Sometimes, incorrect WiFi password prompt did not show after a long time (05-21)
File Explorer

Fix - Files in WiFi router could not be opened (04-14)
Fix - Lagging issue when loading thumbnails (05-21)

New - Contacts managing feature (05-12)
Optimization - Support retrying if failed to download email content (05-12)
Fix - IMAP and POP3 accounts could not open zip type attachments (05-12)
Fix - UI error when using large font (05-12)

Optimization - Optimized address bar height (05-26)

Optimization - New events can be created without titles (05-14)
Fix - Editing reminders might cause Calendar to FC (04-21)
Fix - Sometimes, weather condition displayed incorrectly in Calendar (05-28)
Delete - Removed Dismiss button for events notification reminders (06-02)
Clock / Calculator

Fix - UI display error when using large font (05-19)
Mi Cloud

New - Alarm clock settings can be restored from Mi Cloud when switching to new devices (05-19)
Optimization - Optimized Mi Cloud settings page (05-19)
Fix - FC error in some situations (06-08)

  • Anonymous

my mi4i no heat .no hanging. but greet perpmence.greet resulation

  • vasu

good phone mi4i

  • Shailesh Thakur

I recently buy my mi4i i m extremely satisfied with my phone no heating issue.. xiaomi provide update for this issue.. screen touch like apple mobile.. i don't like miui interface so i install Everything me launcher from playstore... and install app Camera 360 for photography... really this phone is very good for this price band must buy...

  • AnonD-418437

Good Phone smooth running but, no memory card supported.. its biggest mistake like lenovo k3 note, Lenovo 7000 also coming 16 gb Rom..... & less price... thne why xiaomi Mi4i not provide Memory Card slot?? but Mi provide 3140 mah battery 5" screen but lenovo provide 2900 mah battery 5.5" screen, then lenovo battery backup is good....

  • myna

no heat no hanging best in mi4i

  • Anonymous

reayale good phone mi4i

  • Anonymous

in mi4i perpect in mi4i iam 2monts using no prablam please take him mi4i