Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i

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  • sanjay

memory card not support.we can use only 12gb,it is the major defect of this phone

  • manoj

corning gorilla glass?

  • Anonymous

1000 miles ahead then other smartphone,,thanks xiomi,,wt a surprise ,,I still cant believe,

  • Jayle

The 13 MP camera will produce pretty much the same image quality as the Mi4 and Mi Note / Pro...

Which is a good thing... because they produce some great images in general...

I think this phone will be available in very limited quantities... because the Mi5 is just around the corner - plus Xiaomi will release the Mi Note Pro in India shortly... and will most likely follow up with a Redmi 3 ...

  • Samson

AnonD-249802, 01 May 2015I am fed up of people saying same thing again again. If yo... moreI totally agree to every word you said. I own a Redmi Note 3G & the experience is much better than Lenovo, Asus & Micromax.
Only Xiaomi provides excellent hardware & software with reasonable prices. The MIUI is the best UI ever.

  • AnonD-249802

Continued. ..

Buttery smooth performance. I am not into gaming and me and other simple casual users want a good display, good all day battery for whatsapp and fb and some surfing, good call quality, good network reception,no lag when opening dialer or other apps and a decent to great camera with flash and good after sales. A 16gb memory is icing on the cake for us. And Mi4i provides all that( except after sales coz no of service centers is less). Also sd cards slow down the phone. I have a class 10 16gb samsung evo card in my s4 and my phone lags a bit when taking pictures and opening gallery. So casual users dont worry buy Mi4i or moto g. For gamers u can buy asus zenfone 2 or some other phone of ur liking but dont complain about Mi4i.

  • kerplunk

AnonD-249802, 01 May 2015I am fed up of people saying same thing again again. If yo... moreMe also fed up with u..we complaining no SD slot..we never complaining the price..even we willing to pay a bit higher if there is SD slot..please dont get wrong..marketing wise,follow the demand and ur product will boom..

  • unni

Vijay kumar, 01 May 2015Tell me plz about that phone when u bring.... :- camera ... moregood their is no cloud

  • AnonD-207816

Super superji....

  • wasim khan

mi 4i and apple iphone6 are both great phone....excellent phone....review says that mi 4i looks like apple iphone6 and also same performance

  • nick

AnonD-249802, 01 May 2015I am fed up of people saying same thing again again. If yo... moretotally agree


Has anyone received the new phone from flipkart??

  • Azhar

Which one is better Asus Zenfone2 or Mi 4i? Please suggest me

  • AnonD-249802

I am fed up of people saying same thing again again. If you want more storage go for a higher priced fone like s4 or 32 gb mi4. The thing is people want everything but want to pay nothing. Nobody crticizes samsun,htc,sony and apple for giving us shit phones at high prices. People will buy an 8gb iphone 4 or 4s or 16gb iphone 4s,5,5s,5c or Samsung a3 and A5 with snapdragon 400 but will never complain. But xiaomi is giving you mi4i at 13000 you are bitching about it. Grow up guys. Xiaomi and motorola fones have very good touch experience like iphone and perform great but lenovo micromax and asus they don't give that superior experience. Trust me i have used every company phone except asus. Specs dont matter performance matters. Two fones with same specs will give you different results. I have redmi note 4g, moto g 1st gen,samsung s4 lenovo a6000 (which i sold because it had shitty ui and hanged too much). I love my moto g and note 4g because they have a lag free experience and

  • AnonD-272483

Which phone is better mi 4i or huawei honor 4x?

  • AnonD-391391

Please help me which one is more reliable phone ze551ml (2gb version) costing Rs.14999 or xiaomi mi 4i costing Rs.12999.\
Please post ur opinion im really confused.thanks a lot everyone.

  • mgm

Spec good but no sd card not good...
Go for Lenovo a7000 or huwaei honor 4x..
At this price range..

  • Vijay

Vivek Sharma, 30 Apr 2015Just have ordered for this, will be receiving on 8th may, S... moreYup! this is 4g featuring handset..
Nd whn u bring this plz tell me compare with glaxy s4 which is bettr..

  • Vijay kumar

Madhav, 01 May 2015Ordered yesterday and waiting for mobile.. Delivery expecte... moreTell me plz
about that phone when u bring....
:- camera vs glaxy s4
:- about display
:- any issue due to not card slot
:- heating
:- battery back up
:- network nd wi fi signal strength
:- any software prblm

this is humbly request to u plz tell me above info...

  • Shahbaz

its better than overall but no external memory that is bad thing........