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Xiaomi Mi 4i

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  • AnonD-390220

abhi, 26 Apr 2015Is battery removable nop its not removeable

  • AnonD-390220

it has a hsdpa 2100 which is not buy in march 2015 by indian telecom companys,they bought 900 mhz band so 2100 band cant run in inda so no 3G and there are many upcoming phones they had also only 2100 mhz band

  • shrawan

AnonD-342554, 25 Apr 2015Some reviewers say that there are talks about a 64gb variant of ... moreDon't buy advance.... Bcz, everything is OK but without memory card , how is possible? And also only 16 gp... But v can use only12 gp.... No enough memory means our phone is very slow even though 2 gp RAM.....

  • AnonD-180917

Cmon Guy's give 32Gb internal or give micro SD slot

  • Anonymous

samcro, 26 Apr 2015mi3 vs mi4i..which one is better? mi3 with snap800?The Mi3 is better than the Mi4i

  • Abhi

Those who are reluctant to buy the phone bcz of storage issue.... Mi offers a storage option via Mi Cloud. You can store apps music and photos and access it later using data connection.
The only other concern would be to check if the 2nd gen snapdragon 615 has resolved its heating issues.......
Otherwise the phone is worth the buck.

  • AnonD-351511

samcro, 26 Apr 2015mi3 vs mi4i..which one is better? mi3 with snap800?See i guess mi4i....because it has 64 bit proccessor and 4g lte support...also mi3 is currently not available if i talk about INDIA...

  • mohan

Das, 26 Apr 20151) If you prefer camera over raw performance then choose redmi 2... moreji someone said all the application are movable to sd or we install it on sd card.so only i registered for lenovo a7000 flashsale.is this true?????

  • kinny

gv, 26 Apr 2015I have nexus devices for last 3 years (without sdcard). Did not ... morei think u'll store any media files

  • samcro

mi3 vs mi4i..which one is better?
mi3 with snap800?

  • Das

[deleted post]1) If you prefer camera over raw performance then choose redmi 2.
2) If you want to play games then Lenovo A7000(beware you will get only 3gb internal storage)
3) If you want overall good performer then choose Lenovo a6000+(selling from 28 april via flash sale flipkart)
But it will be wise to save 3k more and purchase mi 4i or zenfone 2. They have everything to satisfy a normal user to gamer.

  • abhi

Is battery removable

  • AnonD-352790

guys if u really want to purchase it, then click on buy....simply don't click and waste others time who really want to purchase it.....no doubt i will get it...but there are many people who r unable to buy bcoz of their slow net...so do not try to resale it...

  • Ketya4u

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2015it's really sad that mi 4i don't have 32gb version n external sd... moreI have exactly same feelings as yours

  • pilot527

Why Xiaomi... Why...??!! How can they release a phone like this without memory card support...??!! Everything is great except for that one crucial factor! Does it cost too much to build a micro SD card clot into the phone...?! Or do you think everyone wants to exist on the 16 GB internal memory alone...?!

  • ashii

Has mi 4i screen protection?? plzz tell me...

if it has...I'll surely buy dis phn

  • AnonD-389423

kaps, 26 Apr 2015Is mi 4I has 3g supporteven 4g

  • venkat

if there is micro sd card slat it will good to buy with out a doubt..

  • AnonD-390050

It's pretty good...., Main drawback is external memory card slot is missing in this. However usb OTG is the only way to overcome from ext. mem card. Otherwise excellent..........,

  • AnonD-106839

Just click on GSM/HSDPA/LTE(first line of specifications)