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Xiaomi Mi 4i

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  • Jimmy

I got the Mi4i and it lasts 2 days. No battery problem here.

  • mi4i user

RAJ, 07 Feb 2016awasome mobile ,i say if you wnat to buy a phone then it is this... moreI agree good budget phn ...

No words just awesome out of box

Awesome HD display being fallen in love with it

Wonderful UI

Superbbbbb camera s

And trust me awesome battery backup and also it quick charge in 2.5 hrs.

Yaaa agree it heats up due to snapdragons 615 2nd gen. Chipset but which is normal with high end gamers in every flagship phones
But only one issue is its normally give little warm at top back side not at all its major issue
It gives u flagship feeling in budget ya some normal bugs are there but it is just a normal it won't bother u ....it can get fixed up with OTA
Guys go for it ....

  • Anonymous

Monika Arora, 20 Feb 2016i am used mi4i last six years Phone is nys SIx years ya six month plz seen your msg ....


sanndyy -, 25 Feb 2016how do i take a screenshot Press volume down key and power button at same time

  • Trick

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2016Should I go for Xiaomi Mi4i or Redmi Note 2? Anybody can answer me?Buy note 2 because mi4i has a battery problem

  • sanndyy -

how do i take a screenshot

  • k

AnonD-454778, 23 Feb 2016Mani, U R Correct ! they just create hype over e-commerce sites ... moreHave you a fake? It isn't that bad.

  • k

AnonD-454778, 23 Feb 2016Google Play is not at all working in my phone even when connecte... moreGo to applications and then all then Google play store and then clear the cache and data. Reboot the phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-454778, 23 Feb 2016Google Play is not at all working in my phone even when connecte... moreBrro try uninstalling play store and reinstall it from another device via shareIt or any other means..... Then it'll work...

  • AnonD-454778

Mani, 04 Feb 2016Disgusting phone disgusting service bought the phone and it was ... moreMani, U R Correct ! they just create hype over e-commerce sites like flipkart / Amazon etc.. No after sale service !!

  • AnonD-454778

JP , 10 Feb 2016I have problem on app download on Google paly store in mi4i.(onl... moreGoogle Play is not at all working in my phone even when connected to WiFi

  • AnonD-454778

AnonD-505820, 22 Feb 2016Don't ever think to buy this cheap chinese phone. Their devices ... moreGood Opinion

  • AnonD-454778

AnonD-502404, 17 Feb 2016Excellent looking phone, light weight and sturdy. Battery back u... moreBest review

  • AnonD-454778

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2016Which one has the best front camera? Xiaomi Mi4, xiaomi Mi4I, or... moreOppo f1

  • AnonD-454778

First Time I bought a Chinees Mobile Mi 4i. Android is not working. Showing memory full on the 1st day itself without scope to use FB or any other App. I procured from Amazon (16GB Internal Capacity). Showing only 50 MB of empty space. I am clueless. Anyone pl. help me....

  • AnonD-500034

a, 17 Feb 2016Find Input settings in phone settings and set Swiftkey as defaul... moreok it working thank you

  • k

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2016Ear phones not giving with mobile........................You can get good ones at Flipkart like ubon Mi4i

  • AnonD-505820

Don't ever think to buy this cheap chinese phone. Their devices as well as their service centre and customer support is the worst in the world. I got this on 22/Oct/15 from Amazon, and within first 15 days I started experiencing heavy call drop problem. I contacted Xiaomi for replacement but they denied and asked me to submit my handset to service center. Since I didn't had any other choice I need to submit it to service center, they returned it back to me after 15-20 days after changing its motherboard. When I started my phone again and inserted SIM card in both SIM1 and SIM2 slots, there was no network at all, I need to revisit service center again and they said its motherboard needs to be replaced again. They have again repalced the same and gave it back to me. I felf some sound coming out of the handset now, I re visted service center again and asked them to open in front of me, they did and found that 1 screw was missing and they very easily replied that engineer might have missed the screw by mistake but the sound was still there, they said you can get your motherboard replaced once again if not satisfied. When I again tried to insert SIM card into both the SIM slots, still no network.

Can anyone imagine a smartphone without network, you tell me what to do with this cheap mobile now.
Be ware of this local mobile company, its better to get Freedom 251 rather than this one.

  • Singh

AnonD-504301, 19 Feb 2016Is it worth to buy Xiaomi mi4i.......can any one suggest which i... moremi4i is the best
but if u want a budget phone with a good design then letv is recommendable.
also mi4i do not have memory card slot.
mi4i is better.

  • k

Vinoth, 19 Feb 2016I bought November all is OK but usable memory around 5GB only no... moreYes you can use the OTG cable and pendrive to solve this problem.