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  • Izam

why this problem in MI 5 (208)

  • ed

chinhnguyen, 28 Mar 20213 months ago, after 4years of service my mi 4 is broke ,i ... moreur blind, just get pixel 4a or 5 for me it was perfect swap from mi5 to pixel 5

3 months ago, after 4years of service my mi 4 is broke ,i just bought next phone is the Mi 5 prime. in the 2021. well. i still prefer my mi4, it fits more hand and weighs heavier than mi 5. i really don't like the new phones these days, partly because i don't have money, and i don't like their design more

i get this phone before 9 days from now i think this awosme phone in my hand great performance with huge battery with strong camera the perfect phone for me

  • ed

I really miss this form factor,i hope once xiaomi make an SE edition thing with 6 inch because there is space for it

  • Mi 5

Daily Driver. Performance Still Great As Of 2021 Via Official LineageOS 17.1 With Antivirus + VPN (Secure). Battery With SD820 Cant Expect That Great (Boost From Greenify & Disable Feature + Dev Op).

  • Monsur alam

I have no mobile number.i forget pasward.i reset my mobile.what can i do now.open my mobile

  • mi5 user

2021 Jan Have changed my battery for 2 twice in last 6month. Now I started to take care of my battery. I try avoid using any fast charging port, charging it overnight and always let the phone release the heat (especially when I gaming i will just remove the case). Now the battery lifespan have improve alot and really hope this phone can stand for another few years

  • Nawione

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Happy New Year 2021. Another year for the Mi 5. Battery ... moreWhen you buy this phone?

  • Gayan

4 years completes for 2021 January 30.
Always used as a second phone. i think total talk time is still below 2hrs. mostly used for internet and photos.
Now battery twice charged per Day. always used with a cover and tempered glass so no even single scratch. signal is weak. cant catch and hold 4g signal well.camera still same as new. phone lags time to time and touch response is not good. 3gb ram now like 1gb. hope to use untill 2022. no money for a new phone.

  • Anonymous

Happy New Year 2021. Another year for the Mi 5.

Battery has to be recharged 3 times a day. The SD 820 heats up even at Facebook. Both front and back camera got dust inside. Back cover (plastic) cracked up. USB-C port a little loose and dirty. Headphone jack still going strong and producing okay audio. Vibration motor weakened. Speaker sound diminished.

But the camera can still make good quality photos and the OIS helps with video. Running LineageOS 17.1. WiFi and cellular reception very weak.

Really hoping to upgrade to a Redmi Note 10(?) when it comes out.

Merry Xmas 2020!

Still stuck with my Mi5. Battery is weaker as expected after 4 years.

But, I can't find any new phones around its weight of 129 grams! Pixel 4A is close but pure android UI is bit too bare. Wish Xiaomi can still release a light and compact phone in 2021, all their 2020 phones are >200grams heavy.

  • Anonymous

How many phones we can pair it with

  • 5mi5

Mi 5, 08 Nov 2020I cant unlock it. It shows error 20091I unlocked my bootloader 4 years ago, had no errors. Try to find solution on xda or other forums. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Mi 5

5mi5, 10 Sep 2020First you need to unlock bootloader, then flash MIUI V10.2.... moreI cant unlock it. It shows error 20091

  • Mi 5

Why i cant unlock my mi5 cn rom? I cant bind my mi account. It shows error code 20091 help please.

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020How about iphone 12 miniit's an option, but it has different OS so it's not really a head to head comparison. (If you want to migrate to iOS, you should not afraid with the size as most iPhone still compact compared to android phones)

  • Anonymous

With custom rom it's pretty decent phone but official miui w/e version, I've tried many, runs like it had 1GB ram.

  • Anonymous

nick235, 29 Oct 2020Still run smoothly after 4 years.The only problem is the ba... moreHow about iphone 12 mini

  • Shiaomi buyer

Bought it in May 2017. Still has it and still carrying it cause it's a such a light phone, don't feel it in my pocket and I love that. I phuked up the battery though with playing Rise of Kingdoms, so it now barely holds until the late afternoon lol. I need to replace the battery but I'm too suspicious about battery replacements so if anyone knows about good Mi 5 battery please let me know. :)