Xiaomi Mi 5s

Xiaomi Mi 5s

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  • Dev

Mi5 plas. Yes

  • xiaomi fan

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2015You should work on heating problems and the price shoul... moreare you guys always filled with hatred towards china don't you idiots know that the phones you calls china phones are actually manufactured in our country

  • Anonymous

the phone should have memory card slot and priced must be less than 20000

  • Anonymous

You should work on heating problems and the price should be below 20000 and it should be slim and there is saying that China phones are stupid this phone should remove this tag of stupid

  • AnonD-414723

I does not have a memory card slot. i wish the xiaomi team will work on it cause it is one of the biggest demerits of this phone. and other features are great

  • Aryan Mehra


  • Anonymous

xiomi mi5plus letest phone but not support mamory card

  • mr nice guy

i want a phone from xiaomi i like the front design of lenovo vibe z2 pro but find it hard to get it here and wonder if vibe z2 pro is already embedded with 64bit thing i believe it will be released with an affordable price

  • AnonD-401506

AnonD-403040, 05 Jun 2015Please include dual sim support and external memory card support... moreNo external card is available to all flagship Mi phones. Redmi series have it though so if SD card is really crucial for you get the Redmi series phones or other company's phones. As for dual SIM, all flagship Mi phones have that feature :D

  • AnonD-403040

Please include dual sim support and external memory card support. Without this two basic features all other latest features are meaningless to me.

  • Anonymous

please use amoled display

  • Anonymous

Really2 want this. And FIRST!!!!

  • Anonymous

This is for what I'm talking about, great specs & great screen size bravo.